Does your wedding business belong on Pinterest?

your business on pinterestIt seems like many wedding businesses are popping up on Pinterest. Is the latest bright shiny object of social media a smart setting for your business?

Wedding marketers should use caution not to blindly join Pinterest without a plan. Success on Pinterest is largely based on posting visually striking, marketing-free content that appeals to female consumers.

Micro and small businesses with modest marketing resources should be careful not to get drawn into wasting time on Pinterest. Developing or curating striking images can be an endless endeavor.

Software company Intuit published an infographic to help businesses decide if Pinterest works for them. If your business is contemplating joining Pinterest, use the guide, below, to help figure out whether it’s a good idea, and how to go about it.

Click on image below to see a larger version

your business on pinterest

3 thoughts on “Does your wedding business belong on Pinterest?”

  1. This kind of careless, useless marketing keeps me in business! Saving small businesses from themselves is my daily mission. Unfortunately, most people in business can’t even get their brand consistent across the social platforms they TRY to use in a useful and beneficial way. Nevermind understanding how they work for business.

    UGH. Bring it.

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