Wedlock Magazine presents Andy Ebon for Webinar

Wedlock Magazine presents Andy EbonAs posted on this blog, The Wedding Marketing Authority, Andy Ebon, has become a regular contributor for the new wedding publication, Wedlock Magazine, As part of its regular offerings, Wedlock will be presenting two webinars, monthly, to its subscribers.

No time has been wasted in putting Andy to work. He has submitted his first column for Wedlock‘s second issue. In rapid succession, Wedlock is inviting you to sample a webinar presentation, by Andy, titled: Business Success Through Associations.

This promises to be more than a basic networking presentation. Rather, it will get into more complex issues about relationship building and the unadvertised benefits and pitfalls of involvement in trade associations and networking groups.

You are invited to participate, with my compliments (that means, at no charge). Here is the complete text of the invitation by Wedlock Editor-In-Chief, Jayne Hallock.

You are  invited to register for next week’s webinar, which occurs on Wednesday at 7pm EST. Our guest host is the irrepressible, very experienced and uber-charming Andy Ebon.

Not only is he our new WedLock columnist (look for his debut column in next month’s issue), but he’s agreed to talk to WedLock readers about how to squeeze the most out of their association memberships! We all have them…now let’s really put them to work for our businesses.

This webinar,  titled “Business Success Through Associations” and here’s what Andy and Chris will cover:

“Andy will take us on a guided tour of the various kinds of organizations that call for involvement by wedding industry businesses, and appropriate strategies and techniques for maximizing one’s investment of time and effort.

Some of the takeaways will include:

  • What are realistic expectations for your involvement?
  • What the *published* benefits of membership in an organization…and what are the hidden gems?
  • The differences between a 501 C-3 non-profit organization and a for-profit organization.
  • Knowing an opportunity for a good donation when you see it, and understanding how and when to say “No.”
  • Understanding the difference between membership, volunteerism, and leadership.
  • Which organizations, by type, and which, specifically should get a closer look from you.

Remember – the first hour or so is dedicated to Andy’s presentation, and then we open the lines for questions!

~Jayne Leigh Hallock
Wedlock Magazine

Thanks in advance,

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