Speaker Travel and Logistics

Air Travel

Southwest AirlinesAndy Ebon is based in Las Vegas. With rare exception, air travel is necessary. In the United States, he flys non-stop/direct via Southwest Airlines, unless it is unavailable for a given destination.

With the exception of short distance trips, such as Southern California, Phoenix, he arrives the day before an event. Return flight, day after the presentation, with two nights hotel stay. Roundtrip travel expenses to be part of the initial fee for services, before flight booking.

Hotel Accommodations

speaker travelIf the event is part of a conference, please  arrange for him to stay at the host hotel. Other than a conference, accommodations should be in close proximity to the presentation venue. Please arrange for direct billing for accommodations to you or your organization.


speaker travelIf logistics allow it, please arrange for pick-up and drop-off at the airport. If not possible, a shuttle. taxi, or private to the hotel is fine. If distance makes that unreasonable, renting a car is fine. Should the travel involve shuttle, taxi, or rent-a-car, Andy will simply invoice for reimbursement.

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