A wide range of topics and formats

seminarsWedding Marketing Seminars range from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the topic and depth of content.

Audience sizes typically range from 50 to 200, but can be smaller or larger. The advantage of smaller sessions is a greater opportunity for question and answer sessions.

Seminars are customized for the audience, and content-depth is adjusted for constraints of time frame and attendee count.

The seminars listed below are updated, regularly. If you don’t see a topic that you are interested in… just ask. New topics are always brewing, but not posted until they are complete.

Developing Your Wedding Marketing Action Plan

wedding-marketing-action-planRecommend 60-90 minute session

A foundation presentation that will frame the various elements and priorities that should be part of a wedding marketing action plan.

Key takeaways:

  • Communicating with, and addressing the special needs of today’s bride.
  • The importance of having a quality website and blog to connect with brides, directly.
  • Setting realistic goals and priorities.
  • Choosing the appropriate tools, for your business, including: Social Media, Print Advertising, Bridal Shows, Direct Marketing, and more.

Wedding Website Rehab: Maximizing website effectiveness and ROI

www-dot-150x87Recommended: 90 – 120 minutes

Today, no matter how one hears about a company, invariably, the marketing path travels through one’s website. The first place to start making marketing enhancements, is improving a company’s website. This session works in two parts: First, going through the key elements that demonstrate website effectiveness. Second, presenting quick reviews of attendee websites that showcase both website excellence and areas for improvement.

For maximum customization, it is necessary that I receive the name, company, and website address of the attendees about a week prior to the presentation. It is geared toward coaching immediate improvements (rarely site redesign). Content customization makes this an extremely well received session.

Facebook Now!: Strategies and Tactics For Connecting with Peers and Brides

facebook-150-tileIn this session attendees will learn about the latest features, specific strategies and techniques for building business relationships on Facebook… not just social networking. Businesses will benefit from this information whether they are already on Facebook daily or sitting on the sidelines waiting to get started.

Actual Facebook pages of wedding professionals are shown. See what they’re doing right and wrong and how Facebook strategy can be improved.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personal pages, business pages, and groups – which are right for you?
  • Developing Facebook relationships to benefit your business
  • How to create more effective status updates
  • Understanding the highly targeted nature of Facebook Advertising

NOTE: Facebook is clearly the dominant social media tool. It is also changing faster than people are adapting. This is the most-asked-for social media session.

All formats include: Keynote, General SessionSeminarsMeal PresentationsSymposiums, or Small-Session Presentations & Coaching.

Explore the options: inquire today.

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