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Keynotes and General SessionsAndy Ebon presents Keynote and General Session speeches and presentations to regional gatherings of about 100 to national conferences of over 2000.

Most often, his keynote topics are big picture thinking and motivational, in nature.

However, he has successfully delivered more technical presentations (such as Social Media Detox), successfully, to audiences of over 1000.

Unleashing The Wedding SuperHero Within

Many businesses and their owners do great work. However, a scant few of them stand above the rest as Wedding SuperHeroes.

keynote and general sessionsIt is not simply a matter of natural ability, business acumen, or charisma. There are specific techniques and actions that launch certain businesses into the stratosphere.

In this presentation, Andy will focus on the characteristics and standout approaches constituting a Wedding SuperHero, helping the audience set its sights even higher.

How To Avoid Weddings Of Mass Destruction

keynote and general sessionsThis presentation was first given in 2009 at the Wedding MBA in Las Vegas. In a riveting 45-minute session, Andy gave the ultimate unfiltered talk about wedding industry dysfunction, and how to better serve the bride.

Using a deft combination of tough love and humor, Andy holds up a mirror to the industry, providing the audience a fresh view of their work, relationship with peers, and the bride.

His emotional closing story leaves not a dry eye in the house.

How To Avoid Weddings Of Mass Destruction, on DVD, was released October 1, 2012.

The Miracle Of Appreciation

keynote and general sessionsA platform talk that draws heavily from Andy’s 25 years of experience as a DJ entertainer and, designed for the wedding and hospitality audience.

Overall theme: Wedding Professionals often get very busy doing their job and sometimes lose perspective of the concept of appreciation – receiving it, giving it, and having perspective.

Style of presentation: Story telling, with a range of emotions from laughter to tears. Audiences find this talk to be a moving and transformational presentation.

The sub-themes and takeaways are:

  • Appreciation of our place within the event and with the client. We are not the show. We are there to serve.
  • The Art of Acknowledgement: Giving and receiving thanks, and the long-term value of it.
  • The excitement of being part of someone’s special day… and if you’re really fortunate, sometimes, you get to miraculous things.

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