AV projector


Audio Visual Andy usually works with Keynote software (The Mac counterpart to PowerPoint) and/or an internet browser program. This requires a projection screen, projector, and power strip/extension cord, at the presentation lectern, secured to the floor.

The screen must be visible from all seats, with shades, drapes or lighting, dimmed, slightly, to darken the front half of the room.

A room audio system is necessary, including an audio patch from the computer laptop. Speakers placed in the appropriate place, depending on room size. This is true in all cases of audiences 20 or under.

A headset microphone is preferable. A lavalier (clip-on) is acceptable, should a headset microphone not be available. A hardwired mic is also necessary as backup and used for organization announcements and speaker introduction.

(Note: A microphone is necessary for any groups of 30 guests or more, depending on the seating arrangement. Banquet seating requires optimal sound system.)

Please download the complete audio-visual details in a 2-page PDF

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