Wedding Marketing Rehab…

Wedding Marketing Rehab
Photo Credit: Tim Sudall

Tuesday afternoon  at Wedding MBA, kicked off with Wedding Marketing Rehab. Andy Ebon held up a metaphorical mirror to attendees and peppered them with questions about WHY they use specific marketing tactics, their purpose, and measuring results.

The goal was to encourage people to pause, and take inventory of their marketing path. Then, armed with new information and tools from the conference, hit the reset button, change, optimize, and implement an updated, purposeful marketing plan.

Andy lampooned abandoned blogs, websites that haven’t been updated in years, and totally useless hashtags… among others.

One of the specific tools (or ‘truth-tellers) he encouraged was A quick download in Windows or Mac will enable a regular summary of your software and website activity. A weekly report arrives, via email, helping you understand, quickly, whether you are bring largely productive, or frittering away minutes and hours on unnecessary distractions.

Joe Fabitz
Contributing Writer
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