Wedding Industry Council: First steps taken to organize

Wedding Industry CouncilWhen I was a National Board Member with NACE (National Association for Catering and Events), I became aware of the CIC (Convention Industry Council).

CIC is an ‘association of associations‘ – “Advancing the Meetings, Conventions, Exhibitions, and Events Industry.”

A visit to the CIC website gives you a crash course in the ongoing projects and initiatives derived from member organization collaboration. These actions better unify the industry and serve its customers. The CIC  list of member organizations has grown, dramatically, since its inception.

The ABC 20/20 Wedding Confidential has served as a catalyst for industry outrage. Wedding Industry voices have been heard from far and wide on blogs, websites and social media. However, they are a cacophony of disparate voices, not a unified voice, with one messages.

“I believe, for many reasons, it is time for the wedding industry to form a similar body to CIC, representing the collective interests of the wedding industry.”

Public Relations is a top priority. Generating other industry-wide issues and projects will not be a problem. Sorting them out, and acting on them will is the challenge.

An umbrella organization, such as this, will have members with overlapping/competing constituencies, viewpoints and priorities. That challenge that is a reality, to be met met. An organization such as this should inclusive throughout the wedding industry to have maximum impact.

As part of an outreach process, I registered the domains, and 

My goal is reach out to wedding industry leaders, membership organizations, and trade associations to gauge the interest in building a collective body. I hope to be overrun with ideas from others. We shall see what develops.

Stay tuned, and help spread the world.

There will be more announcements appearing… and soon!

In the meantime:

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert


Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert

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10 thoughts on “Wedding Industry Council: First steps taken to organize

    • Thanks Alan,

      I’ll be generating a sign-up list, which will include just a few questions.

      However, you say lay claim to being the first to express interest in the Wedding Industry Council.


  1. Keep me posted!

    I am a third generation wedding biz lady. My grandmother had a Large Bridal Salon in Los Angeles and I grew up seeing the good the bad and the ugly in this business. I have worked in the fashion end as well as the decor, and I have had my California-based studio for wedding designs and flowers for over 25 years.

    There are so many talented and generous folks in this industry, they far outweigh the shisters! LOL But Media seems to only want to vilify.

    Kudos to you for trying to get the truth out!

    Count me in!!


  2. Andy,

    Although I am not a leader within an association, I see value to what you are proposing and am excited to hear more. Walt Disney once said “You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.”

    The kick in the teeth we received with the less than truthful portrayal of our industry could actually lead to a powerful unification and alignment never considered before.


  3. It can’t hurt to have an International reach with your friends in Canada who can advance the reputation of REAL WEDDING PROFESSIONALS north of the border.