Wedding Business Name Fails – Clown Car Photo Booth

wedding business nameThis Phoenix photo booth company popped up on my Twitter page. Out of pure amusement, I looked at their activity, friends, followers, tweets and then clicked through to their website. How could you not be curious about a wedding business name of Clown Car Photo Booth?

Their website was gone. The tweets from this company showed a lack of understanding of Twitter. Such classics as:

“This desert weather in the winter sure beats the cold North :)”

“It’s Friday my Friends!!”

“Beautiful day in the Valley of the Sun. Just call me a #SunDevil #Scottsdale #AZ

“80 degrees tomorrow!”

“Happy Monday ya’ll! Now #sleepwellandprosper #Azlivin

@Clowncarphoto  РClowncar Photobooth

I did a Google Search for their company and found a sale promo on It referenced a deal on That deal was NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

wedding business name
$250 special, but NOT AVAILABLE

Also, in the search results was one scalding review on Yelp! – The owner did post a response.

wedding business name

There were a few photos in the Twitter profile. None were photos of party-goers, just the rather nondescript booth and a couple of event spaces.

The name, Clown Car Photo Booth seemed to be the ideal predictor of success/failure.

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