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website musicIt occurred to me, today, that some people must live in a bubble… or perhaps it’s a state of denial.

There are few absolutes in web design, but guidelines about automatic loading music fall into simple category. Things you shouldn’t do, ever!

This morning, I was working through my new Twitter followers; deciding who to follow back, who not to follow back, and those to block. I look through all the would-be followers to see what they do, briefly, to see if they are a good fit. If there is an incomplete profile or something seems off, I look at their Twitter profile and website.

Website Music music sends people packing…

This is not news. It was a bullet point in seminars I presented, a dozen years ago.

The reason is simple. Many brides  do some of their surfing at work; stealing time from their employers. When music starts playing, their ‘personal use of the computer’ at work becomes obvious and dangerous. They will click out of your site, never to return.

I know…. some people have never gotten anything but praise for the music on their site. That misses the point. The praise, usually comes from the people surfing from home or in private situations. I’m sure they’re thrilled.

Statistical tracking for major wedding industry websites and small business, too, show a big spike in viewing during midday (11am – 2pm).

There are still some businesses who haven’t gotten the memo on website music use. If you have a peer who still uses auto-loading music, whisper in their ear and tell them to knock it off. 

It’s costing them money… even if their website is otherwise beautiful. They’ll thank you for telling them the truth, eventually.

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
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