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twitter strategyTwitter strategy success varies from company to company, including industry, geography, and specific purpose. Here are just a few questions to challenge whether you focus on a specific set of results or tweeting at random.

  • Why are you tweeting?
  • Are you just repeating your blog posts, Instragram or the like? With what purpose?
  • Who are you choosing to follow, and why?
  • Are they following you back (and is this important to you)?
  • Who is following you?
    • Are those followers consistent with your purpose on Twitter, or do you welcome mortgage brokers in New Hampshire, plumbers in Tacoma, or Go-Go Dancers in Tampa as part of your tribe?
    • What message does this send to peers, prospects and customers?
  • twitter strategyAre you maintaining both a business and personal Twitter?
    • Do they really serve separate purposes?
    • Overlapping business and personal Twitter accounts MAY be justifiable, but if they are just redundant, it’s likely both wasting your time and spamming duplicate followers.
  • Are the # of Tweets and # of Followers in disproportion?
    • If you have 18,000 tweets, but only 800 followers, exactly what are you accomplishing? Do you have a plan for adding your next 2000 followers? Who and why?
  • Is anybody retweeting your tweets?
    • If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘rarely’, you should take that as a thumbs-down on the perceived value of your content.
  • Are you reading other people’s tweets and responding directly?
    • If someone tweets a question, do you have an answer?
    • Do you respond into the Twitter Feed or privately? Do you have a reason for choosing?
    • … or are you simply broadcasting…. ‘putting it out there’ and why?

These questions and thoughts are just the tip-of-the-iceberg. There are many social media tools. Twitter is wildly successful for some people, a diversion for others, and total time-suck for others.

Is Twitter working for you? Or do you need a Twitter Strategy Tweak?

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Andy Ebon
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