Choosing Words and Active Listening Are Important… Extremely Important

The month of May has brought a surge of activity to The Wedding Marketing Blog. More than just the number of people reading this site, the exciting part is the number of comments. And comments mean opinions.

There has been plenty of agreement, some differing opinions, and downright disagreement. In the vernacular…. “It’s all good.”

It struck me that a significant slice of the content hinged on words, language, accuracy, terminology, and the like.

The common thread is that wedding professionals and brides are overwhelmed by a firehose stream of data and information. In out haste, it’s all too easy to choose words without care, accept marketing messages without skepticism, and participate in unclear communication.

Even one believes that we are clear, often we are misunderstood. It happens often.

In selling, it’s good to slow down and listen. Get confirmations of understanding, through a discussion, and make sure you understand the client and vice versa. We know our businesses too well, and what seems like a no-brainer, to us, is not necessarily obvious to the prospect.

In advertising and marketing, it would be a wise thing to review and update copy… websites, ads, flyers, the works. Less is more. Headlines are important, Intuitive navigation is critical. White space is helpful.

When buying, be skeptical. Don’t take every message and statistics at face value. Question both the veracity, importance, and relevance of what you are evaluating.

Finally… slow down. It’s not a badge of honor to work 24-7 and careen through marketing and sales.


Choosing your words and active listening, intently, are not easy, but both are extremely important.

Andy Ebon

The Wedding Marketing Authority

Word choice does matter

word choice
Tom Hopkins

Many years ago, I attended a series of sales seminars from Tom Hopkins. In both his seminars and books, Hopkins emphasized the impact of softening a prospect’s sales anxiety by using particular verbiage.

Using word choice alternates, such as agreement or paperwork, instead of contract. Likewise, autograph instead of signature; or initial investment, instead of deposit.

Whenever one is working with a prospect, inexperienced in unusually large decisions, softening the language you use is important in gaining trust and closing the sale.

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Authority
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