Wedding MBA sets attendance record

Wedding MBA sets attendance record

wedding mba sets attendance recordWedding MBA is the world’s largest professional wedding show returning to Las Vegas with record-setting attendance. The show will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center and with over 3500 people attending.

Seminars and Presentations

The massive group of attendees will enjoy seminars and presentations October 3-5, with a trade show on October 4th and 5th.

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority

Wedding MBA: There’s a reward for planning ahead

Wedding MBAWedding MBA has become a huge gathering of wedding professionals in all disciplines, both from across North America and around the globe. I’ll be participating as a speaker, once again, this year.

The magic conference dates are October 1-3, 2013, but the big bonus comes for registering on or before April 1st.

As a Wedding Marketing Blog reader, registering before April 2nd will get a $120 advantage over people who wait until my birthday (April 2nd), or later… heaven forbid. That’s $20 less than on the Wedding MBA website.

Whether you go to Wedding MBA every year, alternate years, or are just thinking about committing for the first time…. NOW would be the time.

Register BEFORE April 2nd to take advantage the Don’t be an April Fool – Andy Ebon’s birthday deal!

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert



Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

The Wedding Revolution: The Power of One

Andy Ebon, Wedding MBA
Andy Ebon, Wedding MBA

Andy Ebon is on a mission. It starts 10am, Tuesday, on the main stage at Wedding MBA. Never one to shy away from challenging topics, Andy is up to his old tricks with his new presentation: The Wedding Revolution

We asked Andy a few questions about what we can expect in his talk 

WMBA: Andy, what inspired the title and content of this talk?

Andy: I’ve noticed a few disturbing trends in the wedding industry, over the last few years, and I thought it was time to stimulate some discussion and fresh thinking.

WMBA: Give attendees an example of what you have in mind.

Andy: Timidity! Many wedding business owners have unknowingly developed a pervasive pattern of uncertainty… and a lack of confidence. It’s as though they are hanging on every piece of business as their last. Do one thing wrong, and the business that referred you last time, will never refer you again. Make one tiny mistake and the bride will trash you on message boards and review websites.

WMBA: What’s the cure for timidity?

Andy: There is no cure for timidity. I’d say the opposite of timidity is confidence. Maximizing confidence begins with continuously innovating and tweaking process and standards, making your business an outstanding choice for your vision of the target bride.

This is not the marketing climate of twenty years ago. In 1992, businesses spent 20% of their time marketing. Today, it’s more like 50%. You must have a plan to target prospects and referrals. And you have to know the techniques and strategies of making a sale.

WMBA: What do you see as biggest challenge facing wedding businesses?

Andy: Oddly enough, it’s the same issue for both brides and wedding businesses: Too many choices

The constant flow of information is often referred to as a fire hose. It’s a good metaphor. Brides have access to more information than they can possibly process. Wedding-planning sounds like an exciting process until the bride becomes overwhelmed by the unlimited options.

For the wedding business, the challenges are mostly centered in technology and marketing, especially social media, where the two forces collide.

The Wedding RevolutionWMBA: So what’s The Power of One?

Andy: Too often, small businesses or salespeople take a defeatist position that they lack the power to buck-the-system, let alone change it. I believe wedding professionals are tougher and smarter than that.

Among other present-day advantages the Internet has created a more level playing field for small and micro-businesses to reach their audiences. The small business or salesperson has the agility to take action, at any time. They just need to be on their toes and be decisive.

There isn’t a single set of right answers that apply to everyone. However, I do plan to suggest that we re-examine some of our methods, decision-making, and ethics.

The primary goal is to jumpstart thinking at the beginning of Wedding MBA, so that our minds are refreshed to possibilities presented by speakers, exhibitors, and shared by fellow attendees.

A successful outcome would be to hear about attendees going home and developing their own remix of information and inspiration, each creating a Wedding Revolution, in their own market.

It’s The Power of One, layered with intelligent collaboration and decision-making!

WMBA: Sounds like you’re ready to rock!

Andy: Can’t wait!

Andy Ebon will be presenting at Wedding MBA, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings at 10:am

  • Tuesday – The Wedding Revolution – Main Stage
  • Wednesday – Facebook vs. Google – Room 229
  • Thursday – Size Up Your Competition – Room 229
Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert
Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog