15,000 Twitter followers grow

Twitter followers grow, like Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, or Pinterest followers is NOT simply a numbers game. I can hear you giggling in the distance. REALLY!! It’s NOT just a numbers game! I know, it seems counter-intuitive to hear that anyone who has just passed 15,00 followers on Twitter, is trying to play it down. Actually, I’m not trying to play it down. There is a different number, far […]

Personality, Creativity Spark Las Vegas Bake Shop

7/28/15 update: Business now closed...

Personality, Creativity Spark Las Vegas Bake Shop. My Sunday ritual includes reading the Las Vegas Review Journal and Las Vegas Sun, cover-to-cover, accompanied by a whole wheat bagel and vanilla hazelnut coffee. Reading cover-to-cover can payoff.

Expressions of Gratitude on Thanksgiving

Expressing appreciation is an act that rises to top-of-mind on Thanksgiving. I am no different than you or most people, in that respect.

My success or failure in expressing appreciation and gratitude is a continual challenge. A challenge that creeps into my mind and soul as a reminder of what one should do.