BSPI Bridal Show Producers gather in Florida

BSPI (Bridal Show Producers International)BSPI Bridal Show Producers are gathering in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida this week for their annual conference. The 3-day conference has a star-studded group of presenters, including both members and industry leaders.

Wedding Industry Speakers

Some of the industry presenters are: Bevin Stella (The Knot), Sonny Ganguly (Wedding Wire), Andy Ebon (Wedding Marketing Expert – The Knot), Alan Berg (Wedding Marketing Guru – Wedding Wire).

BSPI is an international association with member companies throughout the United States, Western Europe, and New Zealand.

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Andy Ebon
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The Knot B2B adds Andy Ebon as Wedding Marketing Expert

The Knot B2BAt the BSPI (Bridal Show Producers International) Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas, Laura Cave, Director of Trade Marketing for The Knot gave a presentation on Wedding Trends. Her opening remarks included a summary of the many business activities now engaged in, by The Knot.

Early in her remarks, Laura made the following announcement.


‘… and in The Knot B2B, we are pleased to announce that Andy Ebon will be joining our team as Wedding Marketing Expert.’

The Knot B2B

Andy will be a Regular Contributor to the The Knot B2B blog, present several webinars to advertisers during the calendar year, take part in certain social media activity, and make wedding marketing presentations at various conferences and meetings.

“I’m quite excited to become a member of The Knot’s extended family of B2B contributors and experts. Beyond my personal Wedding Marketing Blog and speaking engagements, it’s a privilege to associated with The Knot B2B. It will be exciting to reach their many advertisers across North America and offer fresh information and motivation to help them in attaining their greatest marketing and sales success.”

— Andy Ebon

Joe Fabitz
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The Miracle of Appreciation

The Miracle of Appreciation is the title of a keynote presentation I first gave over a decade ago. It is a breakdown of some of the many meanings of appreciation.

  • Appreciating the good fortune of our circumstances. Having proper perspective.
  • Learning how to accept appreciation, gracefully… For example, not minimizing a grand compliment with response, such as: “Oh, I was just doing my job.”
  • Saying “Thanks” to those who say “Thanks”. It is all-too-rare that people take time and care to express their gratitude, that when given, it should always be acknowledged

Earlier this year, I visited the Wisconsin NACE chapter for  a half-day of seminars and a dinner presentation. It was a great trip, but what I enjoyed most was the dinner I spent with the President and Programs Chair, Emilie and Emily, the evening before the meetings.

I think it was Emilie that asked me, “What do you enjoy most about what you do?”

As I recall, my answers was along these lines… 

“Sometimes I can sense when I’ve made a breakthrough with/for a person during the course of a seminar. You see them light up… Then, months later, I’ll get an email or meet-up with that person at a conference and they’ll tell me about how I helped accelerate their success, by something learned from me.”

In a couple of weeks I’m making a return trip to the Portland, Maine area. I was there late October, just last year (for the same client). It was (and is) daylong set of four seminars.

appreciationThis morning, on my Facebook Business Page, I received the following post.


I attended your seminar in Portland, ME last fall hosted by the Maine Wedding Association and it turned my business around. I took your advice and changed my business name from Balloon Magic to Maine Event Design & Decor, used many of the Facebook, website and Constant Contact advice you gave.

I will more than triple my business this year from last. I appreciate your marketing skills and advice. Thanks so much! I know your coming to Brunswick, ME next month. I’d like to attend but we’re booked so I’m not sure I can make it but I wanted to send along my appreciation.

Robyn Allen
Maine Event Design & Decor

I have repeated the ‘magic question’ (and my answer) to others, about ‘what I enjoy most about what I do’, many times since my trip to Milwaukee. However, this message really touched me.

January 1, 2012, I started a project, in the form of a blog, called Appreciation Chronicles – Practicing Gratitude. While I thought I would post more often, every time I do express myself, it generates warmth.

I have a number of travel days for seminars, scheduled in the next six weeks. I am so grateful to Robyn for setting the mood for me.

Days like this are rare. Hope you are getting your share.

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Maintenance: How many Baristas does it take to change a lightbulb?

MaintenanceIn 1986, I spoke at the Nightclub and Bar Convention in Las Vegas. One of the highlights, for me, was sitting in on a session by Ray Ford, a Management Consultant, and former Entertainment Director for Bobby McGee’s Conglomeration, a Phoenix-based restaurant and discotheque.

I had interviewed with Ray, way-back-when, and always kicked myself for not going to work for him. I think he’s brilliant.

In his seminar, geared toward nightclub business operations, he made a particularly simple statement that has stayed with me, a quarter-of-a-century later.

“If it’s broken or needs repair, particularly if the customer can see it, or is affected by it… fix it immediately.”

~ Ray Ford

This is much like the Disney principle of dealing with litter. The more quickly they pick up trash, the better their facilities look, and the less likely that another guest will be thoughtless and discard a wrapper, carelessly.

Einsteins’s or Starbucks: Every morning, I make a decision

It’s my daily ritual of coffee, bagel (or egg white, turkey bacon sandwich) and newspaper. Plus my morning computer check-in.

My choice is emphasized by the fact that these two locations are joined-at-the-hip. You walk up to their exterior patio and either bear right, into Einstein’s or left, into Starbucks. Today, I arrived a little bit early, and it was still dark out. I peered into Einstein’s and there were countless dead lightbulbs, waiting to be replaced. I looked left, and there was a Starbuck’s barista, changing out 2-3 burned-out bulbs.

I shouldn’t have to figure where I’m going to sit, based on which light bulbs are burned out and which are not. Winner: Starbucks!

If your business has a retail space or public space (ballroom, for example), this example is pretty simple.

Even if you have virtual customer experience, the technical operation of a website is just as critical. Prospects don’t just use websites to screen you in; they use them to screen you out.

“Maintenance isn’t sexy, but it’s incredibly important in the grand scheme of things.”

~ Andy Ebon

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog