Blogs are ‘Search Engine Friendly’

Peter_Merry_WEDIn explaining ‘everything about blogging’ in yesterday’s seminar, something very simple and exciting happened.

I made a simple post to The Wedding Marketing Blog during the first 20 minutes of the seminar. About a half hour later, I was demonstrating ‘’ the ‘search engine of blogs.’ Someone suggested I put AFWPI into the search function.

I hesitated. Didn’t really think the name of the organization, sponsoring this conference, would get a result.

My expectations were too low!!

It turned up several results. The first of which was the post I had made just a half hour before. Very powerful and unintended, at that.

In fact, it turned up some content on Peter Merry’s blog. Peter was in the audience and was equally stunned by the result. Peter told me later he had become sold on blogs recently when a photographer had posted praise of Peter, and he garnered several solid leads, sourced to that post.

Peter is speaking today, in support of his new book, The Best Wedding Reception Ever. He is on a speaking rampage and the response to his book has been quite strong. Check it out!

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
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