WeddingWire World DC: Next Stop

WeddingWire World Speakers
WeddingWire World Speakers

WeddingWire World DC used to be a 1-day, 1-location educational conference in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, WeddingWire World has expanded to five cities. On Monday, June 16th, WeddingWire World returns to DC, near its corporate headquarters.

It’s about the approach

WeddingWire World has its own flavor, style, approach and takeaways.  It is efficient, paced quickly, and peppered with three types of presenters:

  • In-House WeddingWire Experts
  • National Wedding Industry Education Experts
  • Regional Industry Experts

The sessions are 30, 45, and 60 minutes, with short-short 5 minute breaks. The last two sessions of the day are breakouts. The rest are general sessions.

Speakers make themselves for questions during breakfast, lunch, and the day-end cocktail party.

There are WeddingWire Customer Satisfaction Experts available throughout the day to assist current and prospective advertisers with answers to their questions. Invariably, most questions centered around maximizing a business listing or better understanding and utilizing back-end tools to communicate more effectively with clients and manage one’s business.

Prepare Yourself

WeddingWireIt’s a full day, 8am – 6pm, so get some rest and clear your brain.

If you take away just a couple of gems from each session, you’ll be supercharged.

You can look for the heavy sell, but you won’t find it on the WeddingWire stage. All presenters are there to information, explain, and education…. PERIOD!

… refreshing!

You don’t have to live in Greater Washington DC to attend. Anywhere in a few hours driving radius the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center should consider a Sunday drive and a productive Monday. Oh, there are no rules against flying in from further away.

Hope to see you there…

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert



Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Wedding University coming to Richmond VA, Washington DC, and Baltimore MD

Wedding Marketing Authority, Andy Ebon, hits the trail again, hosted by Marc Macintosh of Bridal Showcase.

The full-day of seminars will take place on three consecutive days, in three cities. Each day is a self-contained set of seminars. The same agenda in all cities.

For event details, and to register online, click on the link for the city/date of your choice.

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority

NBA Bridal Fairs offer stimulus package to exhibitors

This is an update of a previous post, showing the Final Four NBA Bridal Shows this season. Should you contact the show producer to exhibit, please ask about the stimulus package.

Entrepreneur, Barbara Ann Locklear asked a good question: “How does one get a guy happily involved in the planning process?”

The Answer: Easy – put the bridal show on the concourse of an arena at an NBA basketball game!

Next Question: How do you get a girl to go to an NBA basketball game?

The Answer: Just as easy – put the bridal show on the concourse at the arena before the NBA game!

This cool concept in wedding marketing get guys involved in the planning process and girls to go to a major sporting event.


Shockingly, the fee for exhibitors is only $495. Space is limited to 40 vendors, and there is a 3-exhibitor limit per category.

The headline sponsor for these events is (think ‘MySpace’ for brides). Get Married TV is also involved as a co-sponsor.

Visit the websites for the upcoming dates in your NBA city. Next season, it is expected that this wedding promotion will take place in all but a few NBA cities. Get informed now. There are still some exhibit spaces in cities, this season.

Upcoming dates are:

  • Memphis – March 16th – FedEx Forum
  • Atlanta – March 25th – Phillips Arena
  • Washington DC – April 4th – Verizon Center
  • Miami – April 7th – American Airlines Arena


Andy Ebon

The Wedding Marketing Authority