Twitter Strategy

twitter strategyTwitter strategy success varies from company to company, including industry, geography, and specific purpose. Here are just a few questions to challenge whether you focus on a specific set of results or tweeting at random.

  • Why are you tweeting?
  • Are you just repeating your blog posts, Instragram or the like? With what purpose?
  • Who are you choosing to follow, and why?
  • Are they following you back (and is this important to you)?
  • Who is following you?
    • Are those followers consistent with your purpose on Twitter, or do you welcome mortgage brokers in New Hampshire, plumbers in Tacoma, or Go-Go Dancers in Tampa as part of your tribe?
    • What message does this send to peers, prospects and customers?
  • twitter strategyAre you maintaining both a business and personal Twitter?
    • Do they really serve separate purposes?
    • Overlapping business and personal Twitter accounts MAY be justifiable, but if they are just redundant, it’s likely both wasting your time and spamming duplicate followers.
  • Are the # of Tweets and # of Followers in disproportion?
    • If you have 18,000 tweets, but only 800 followers, exactly what are you accomplishing? Do you have a plan for adding your next 2000 followers? Who and why?
  • Is anybody retweeting your tweets?
    • If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘rarely’, you should take that as a thumbs-down on the perceived value of your content.
  • Are you reading other people’s tweets and responding directly?
    • If someone tweets a question, do you have an answer?
    • Do you respond into the Twitter Feed or privately? Do you have a reason for choosing?
    • … or are you simply broadcasting…. ‘putting it out there’ and why?

These questions and thoughts are just the tip-of-the-iceberg. There are many social media tools. Twitter is wildly successful for some people, a diversion for others, and total time-suck for others.

Is Twitter working for you? Or do you need a Twitter Strategy Tweak?

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

What Wedding Professionals Can Learn From Rep. Anthony Weiner

Rep. Anthony WeinerThe afternoon and evening news has been overrun by inappropriate tweets of Congressman Anthony Weiner. If one can step back from the colossal stupidity of his actions, lying about those actions, and the double-entendre of his last name, there are some big lessons to be learned by wedding professionals.

The use of the internet, and its cornucopia of software tools, should occur with some training, practice, and common sense. In today’s news, it seems that none-of-the-above were in play.

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that all of us have, at times, starting using software tools without the slightest understanding of what we were doing.

I started giving internet-related seminars in 1998. One of the first annoyances was incompetent e-mail technique. In particular, the use of reply-all, instead of reply. And, just as bad, the failure to use BCC (blind carbon copy), using CC (carbon copy) instead… sometimes including one’s entire email address book in a single email.

Fast forward to the Twitter and Facebook era… social media, et al. There is incredible ignorance and sloppiness, run-a-muck when using these social media tools. In Facebook, when you Post to a friend’s wall, they, and all-of-their-friends can see your words of wisdom. A Message is sent to one person, or select people who you choose to receive your note.

Security settings, which YOU choose, decide who can see your photos, bio, posts, status updates, and everything else about you. Failure to select the proper privacy settings leaves you open to all kinds of information sharing… and, at that point, you have given up control. Let’s face it, most people are friends (on Facebook) with some people one barely knows. Choosing a share with friends only privacy setting may not be conservative enough.

With Twitter, a Tweet goes out to all your Followers. A Direct Message, however, is transmitted to a single person or a  few select people. Representative Weiner made the classic mistake of sending a Tweet, when he meant to send a Direct Message. I have made that mistake. I still make it, occasionally… but I’m not forwarding unmentionable photos or other questionable material.

You can’t un-ring the bell

Once a photo is posted, a Tweet is sent, a Facebook item is posted, or a comment is made in response to a blog post, you can’t get it back.

The Power of Forwarding

A year or so ago, I sent a private email that included some pointed criticism of the actions of a couple of people. It was clearly label PERSONAL and CONFIDENTIAL in the subject line. I had added an another caution, in the body of the email, that this communication should not be forwarded or shared, in any way, under any circumstances.

How naïve was I?  …..VERY!!

Naturally, at least one of the recipients of my message, shared its contents with the people I had named. I had meant to be hard on a problem, not on the people responsible for the issue. They were, understandably, angry at/with me. I never found out who betrayed my confidence. What I did get was a king-sized reminder.

“Don’t ever write anything in an email you wouldn’t mind seeing on the 10 pm news or a billboard.”

Tonight, the late night shows… The Daily Show, Late Night, Conan, Lopez Tonight, and The Tonight Show will have a treasure trove of material. The won’t even have to utter a joke. Just say the name, Weiner, and they’ll get a laugh.

Rep. Anthony Weiner is the target-du-jour. A few weeks ago it was Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Their deeds differ, greatly, but the backlash is similar.

Remember that communicating at hyper-speed begets mistakes. We likely to misuse electronic communications when we act too quickly.

Please slow down…

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority

How To Annoy Twitter Followers

silly-twitter-iconMy post, How To Be Annoying On Facebook, struck a resonant chord with many readers. This post is the sequel, as it relates to Twitter.

Lately, I’ve been spending more quality time on Twitter. That has involved several, specific elements.

  • Making sure that I had created proper lists (categories) for my followers.
  • Making certain that all followers were categorized in one or more lists.
  • Stop falling into the trap of following the basic timeline and spend more time reading from the lists I had set up. (Note: my lists are private, for my eyes only, so you can’t see them. However, they are pretty logical groups… i.e. Photo-Video, Entertainment, Wedding & Event Planners, etc.,)
  • Block followers that have no logical connection to my world. My world is defined as 95+% wedding industry, and the rest are friends of all shapes and sizes. If anyone looks at my list of followers, it is clear that my focus is in the wedding industry.
  • Stop following people who are inactive on Twitter or have no logical connection to my world. Same logic as previous item.
  • If someone ReTweets one of my Tweets, I make an effort to thank them with a private message. I’m sure I miss some, but I try to thank everyone.
  • Make Tweets and ReTweets to my followers that have reasonable relevancy to a wedding industry professional.

Here is my complaint; two complaints, actually. Just like as with Facebook, Twitter users tend not to distinguish between what should be a direct message (private) and what is appropriate to Tweet to all of their followers. If I choose to thank someone, I send a direct message to that one individual; I don’t Tweet a Thank You to almost 5000 followers, unless there is a very specific, clear reason. Why would anyone but the individual I’m acknowledging care about a disconnected-thought?

howlingAnd, the logical companion to this is: When you choose to send a Tweet to your followers, nobody gives a hoot about your ham sandwich, soccer practice, or other innocuous nonsense. THAT is howling at the moon.

And… if a person is howling at the moon, the majority of the time, their followers (like me) will unfollow them. Or, in my terminology, they will be banished from the kingdom.

I know that people don’t intend to be annoying, but it’s truly mind-boggling how many are.

If you’re on Twitter, don’t be that gal or that guy!

End of rant…

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon 
The Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog