Wedding Instability Created by Turkey Military Coup

wedding instabilityTwo years ago, during pre-election instability, the Turkey Military shut down major internet platforms: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. On the heels of an attack at the Istanbul airport, military leadership stepped in to remove the democratically elected government.

Wedding Instability

In a rather bizarre turn-of-events, the deposed Turkish leader, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan FaceTimed into a live TV news broadcast to encourage citizens to fight back against the army takeover. The newscaster was forced to leave the station and give up her phone, at the hands of 40-50 members of the military.

Istanbul, Turkey leads Wedding Tourism

Potentially, the developing events could be highly unsettling to the Turkish wedding industry. Istanbul is the world leader with some 150,000+ weddings, annually.

Turkey draws wedding tourism from all over Europe and Asia. Depending on how this plays out, instability could have a massive negative impact on the wedding industry.

OPINION: Paralysis of major social media platforms, and other internet activity can be devastating in any country. It’s important to play close attention to this and consider how extreme actions could affect any of us in any country.

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Social Media Bans Threaten Weddings in Turkey

you-tube-bannedSocial Media Bans, and by that I mean, BANS, are creating political turmoil in the wedding capital of the world. Las Vegas is actually the second to Istanbul, Turkey, in annual volume of weddings (more than 160,000 per year).

For weddings, specifically, and tourism/hospitality, generally, events of the past week have become an instant flashpoint for freedom vs. government control, on the eve of national elections.

Turkey bans Twitter, then YouTube. Is Facebook next?

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Hospitality and travel commerce, including destination weddings are fuel for commerce in countries around the globe. Wherever you call home, the actions of local, regional or national government often have dramatic impact, positive or negative on all sizes of business.

In a borderless world of social media. nothing inspires an ear-shattering response than extreme limitations on internet communication. Turkey doesn’t cross my mind often… there are bigger issues in the news cycle right now, such as: The Malaysian Airlines mystery and, in the United States, the devastating mudslides in Washington state.

Elections in Turkey are this Sunday. Be sure of this, the outcome of voting will determine what comes next in the strengthening or softening of Social Media restrictions will have a ripple effect on wedding industry business, among other categories, in Turkey.

Many internet platforms that didn’t exist, even ten years ago, are considered an absolute necessity for businesses small and large. The geographically your business, the more important these communication freedoms have become for you and your community.

Communication freedom is critical.

Speak up and speak out!

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon 
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

It’s a soft work week

Eat ham!
Eat ham!

In the United States, this is Thanksgiving week. Most people are off work on Thursday. Many people have a 4-day holiday.

In fact, many people take a half-day or full day off on Wednesday. Now we’re talking.

There is one drawback. December 1st is next Monday. No buffer, no breather, no nothing.

You have some choices this week. You can land on the couch. Watch some parades and football. Watch even more football. Fight the crowds at the every mall and retail store, as you strive to save buck or two.

Here’s an idea: Make a plan

In a week such as this one, there are generally as many demands on your time. Why not create a nice mix, with some uncommitted time, too.

  • Get clerically caught up, ahead of December.
  • Do some Christmas shopping online.
  • Call some old friends and reconnect.
  • Start your marketing plan for 2009.
  • Spend quality time, not just ‘time,’ with your family and close friends.
  • Surprise someone you’re not that close to, with a heartfelt hug.
  • No matter what your overall state of your fairs, ponder your good fortune.

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Blog

One more suggestion, after watching the irrepressible Sarah Palin pardoning a turkey…. EAT HAM!!