Facebook Removes PERSONAL PROMOTED POSTS option

Facebook-dislike-buttonAt the Wedding MBA Conference, last week, I made a presentation on blogging, asserting it should be the foundation of every wedding businesses’ online marketing program. I referenced an article I’d read, which said (paraphrasing)…

“Would you rather own your social media platform or rent it?”

The point being, you can post to your heart’s content, about whatever you think is relevant and important, on your blog. However, when using other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., you are subject to changes in their policies and rules, often made overnight and without warning.

In the words of Tony Kornheiser,

“I believe I had that right!”

Almost on cue, Facebook removed the option to Promote a post, at a price of $6.99. For those people who have been using a Facebook personal page for business purposes, you have been left high and dry. Early in the year, business owners were first mystified, and then enraged, and their reach on Facebook updates took a decided downturn.

Over time, each time Facebook tweaked their algorithms which determine who sees your update, the raw percentage dwindled. By early 2014, only 6-7% of your Facebook friends were getting your updates on their news feed. Now, GETTING THEM doesn’t mean SEEING THEM. The news feed flies by, and friends may or may not see them.

Facebook was presenting us with news feed of organic, promoted and sponsored updates. In simple terms, with dwindling reach, you presented an opportunity to buy back visibility to the friends YOU ACCUMULATED , often over a long period.

Congratulations! The rug has officially been pulled from beneath your feet.

blog-blocks-2I have insisted, over several years that using a personal page for business would be fine, until Facebook decided to pull the plug. And, at that point, it would be smart to have a business page, up and running.

In my mind, many of us have been in denial about the ongoing benefits of FacebookIf you build a business page on Facebook, that’s a good move; however, you still have to pay to BOOST your updates, there.

The stronger move is to build and support a business blog (or fortify an existing one) and attract an audience, directly, and with various Social Media platforms as leverage, in this effort.

This post is not an “I told you so”

It simply points out a significant change in Facebook marketing, and suggests that each business look for more stable ways to share its news and marketing messages.

NEXT PREDICTION: Facebook will freeze personal pages being used, primarily, for business purposes.

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority

Education Expert