How the Apple iPad is changing magazines… and readers, overnight

Magazines on iPad
Magazines on iPad

Last week I spent a full day presenting to Nashville-area wedding businesses on various elements of wedding marketing. My fellow presenter was Sonny Ganguly from Wedding Wire.

I had last talked to Sonny when we were both attending the BSPI (Bridal Show Producers International) conference, here, in Las Vegas. That was late April, and Sonny already had his Apple iPad in hand.

Even as the Apple aficionado that I am, I had elected to wait before buying my first iPad, preferring to see which model and capacity would suit me.

So, it was with great curiosity that I asked Sonny, “After a couple of months, how are you using your iPad, and how has it affected the way you use other computers, desktop or laptop?”

He gleefully explained how using email and surfing the web were dramatically superior to a desktop or laptop computer. But his bigger excitement was two-fold: how he sees the iPad as a reading device for books, magazines, and documents… and, how he is comfortable leaving the laptop at the office, coming home with only the iPad.

Sonny further described that for many or most business trips, the iPad would be sufficient for his needs.

Apple iPads has sold 3 million units in the first 80 days of availability. That’s a nice statistic, but I’m far more interested in talking to Sonny and other peers, to understand how each person is using theirs. This is a complex device, and has features that will appeal to, or have specific use, differently, for different people.

I would anticipate that as more magazines and books develop enhanced content and features for the iPad the rapid evolution via this new medium will pick up speed. The Apple iPad is more than just another shiny new object. It looks to be a quantum leap forward, and will be curious to see how all this will apply to wedding marketing.

Still curious? See this video from the folks at Wired Magazine, and see what they have cooking on the Apple iPad.

Oh… and when you’re done watching the video. If you’re an iPad owner, please share YOUR experience with other readers.

Andy Ebon
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How many brides are Facebook users?

Sonny Ganguly is giving a social media overview, and has just offered a statistic worth restating for your consumption.

  • How many brides are there in the United States? Roughly 2.2 million
  • How many brides are Facebook users? Approximately 1.6 million… about 75% of all brides (updated 7/30/15 – 4.4 million – Source: WeddingWire)

These are not just factoids. They indicate your business should find creative ways to connect with brides on Facebook. Does your business have a current Facebook strategy?

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Andy Ebon
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The Wedding Marketing Blog

Wedding University Travels to Nashville

Southwest AirlinesSunday is a travel day, on Southwest Airlines to Nashville, TN. Bridal Show Promoter, Fred Jacob, is hosting myself and Sonny Ganguly of Wedding Wire, for a full day wedding marketing seminars. The session will be hosted, Monday, at the Franklin Marriott.

Fred promotes bridal shows in several cities, and also publishes Premier Bride, and The Pink Book.

Looks to be an exciting couple of days.

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority