WedTech Summit tabs Andy Ebon for Speaker Panel

wedtech-summitlogoAndy Ebon has been on-the-road three of the last five weeks, speaking all over the map. Just last week, through this Monday, his agenda was bookended by two WeddingWire Mix & Mingle Events in Salt Lake City and La Jolla.

The Bridal Show Producers International Annual Conference in San Diego filled the middle of his calendar, and two WeddingWire colleagues, Sonny Ganguly, CMO and Alan Berg, were there to complete a full trio of presentations.

Fellow BSPI members were curious what was next on the agenda. His response, “May looks a little quiet, but I haven’t finished this trip, yet.”

And Monday morning’s email would bring a request from Carolyn Gerin; a friend from his San Francisco days, making connections at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. Carolyn and Michael Cole are co-producers of the WedTech Summit, Monday, May 18th at the Kensington Hotel in San Francisco.

WedTech Summit brings together the combined power of the wedding aisle, Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue. With this rare and potent blend of influencers, brand leaders, entrepreneurs and rock stars from the wedding industry brought together to attend, sponsor and speak, there is every reason why you should plug in to the wonderful world of WedTech.

Biz Bash CEO, David Adler, will be delivering the keynote, followed by TWO tracks of exceptional presentations and panel discussions. Visit the speaker and topic agenda to plan your day. Or better yet, bring a fellow wedding professional to cover both tracks.

THE REWARD IS a 50% discount on admission.

Noreen Azuzu
Contributing Writer
The Wedding Marketing Blog

How the iPhone will change Wedding Marketing

iPhoneIt has been simply impossible to avoid the hype for the release of the Apple iPhone (coming June 29th). Much as I am an Apple customer and appreciate the company’s role in leading edge design, I’m most interested in how the average person uses technology.

I’m constantly asking the question: “This new product/feature/service is nice, but how will people use it, to their benefit?”

I’m remember making a trip to the Silicon Valley Apple Store (Oakridge, CA), just after the release of the first iPod, and being completely blown away. I was sure that the ‘ease of use’ of the iPod would change the music industry. In that particular case, I was certainly right.

The iPod now plays video, and the improvements in iTunes software, are changing how, when, and where, people consume content. Taking iTunes cross-platform, to Windows, has enabled the entire world of technology to embrace easy access and playback of audio and video.

The demography of brides and groups (largely 21-35), also happens to be the age of ‘early adopters’ of technology. Many already own iPods and are watching video on it, or on their computer. With the pending market explosion of the iPhone, Apple will lead another market surge enabling content use in the palm of one’s hand.

iPhoneAlthough the iPhone is about the same size as most other phones; however, its video playback area is much larger, due to the absence of a traditional keyboard. The actual viewing area is about 40-50% larger than other handheld choices.

If you are looking for a distinct wedding marketing advantage, just do the following things:

  1. Convert your video presentations and PowerPoint or Keynote presentations to small format, suitable for viewing on an iPhone or other handheld device.
  2. Make sure the fonts are easily readable.
  3. Promote the availability of your propaganda via iTunes, your website, and in your email signature.

Then, step back and be ready for the onslaught of fresh inquiries for your service.

If you have a superior product or service, make sure your marketing reflects it. iPhone will not be the only gadget of its type. But, like the iPod, it will set off a firestorm of competition and the consumers (your customers) will be part of it.

Don’t be late to the party!

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog