Small Town Girl With Big Aspirations: Laurie Chapman

Small Town Girl
Laurie Chapman

I use the term “girl”, advisedly. Laurie Chapman is already a successful business woman, living in the booming metropolis of Elba, Alabama – Population 4185 (2000 Census). There were more than 4000 people within a 2-block radius of where I grew up in New York City.

Spending my post-college life in San Francisco and Las Vegas has afforded me no shortage of organizations, people, and proximity to information, inspiration, and education. Though Laurie grew up in a larger city, Tallahassee, she now resides in a tiny town, whose closes big-city-neighbor is Birmingham, a 3-hour drive away.

Laurie is a small business owner, employing 13 people. Her company Wiregrass Weddings focuses on the need for wedding stationery, party invitations, or gifts. Her two websites: and show up on the first page of Google results when searching for wedding programs.

Laurie attended the Inspire Smart Success Experience – Mexico, this past week in Cancun. What struck me was the time and expense she invested in reaching out to learn and rub shoulders with peers. She can’t just drive 20 minutes, spend $50, and enjoying an association event. I felt downright spoiled at all the industry opportunities at my doorstep. She enjoyed the social events, but that wasn’t why she was there. Laurie Chapman was there to better her business, today, and in the future.

I met Laura from Elba, Alabama… Population of 4185. Her company that shows up on the first page of Google search results. AND, she wants to better herself. What are YOU doing to better yourself and your business? 

~ Andy Ebon

The question I ask myself: What kind of opportunities pass by many of us, because we’re ‘too tired’ to drive 20 minutes? 

My answer: When opportunities are more rare, perhaps we value them, more.

Getting to know Laurie Chapman is one of my BIG TAKEAWAYS from the conference.

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