WeddingWire Education Team adds Andy Ebon

WeddingWire EducationWedding Marketing Expert, Andy Ebon, will be joining the WeddingWire Education Team as an Education Expert. His official start date is June 1st, kicking off with the WeddingWire World Conference in Miami, June 3rd,  closely followed by the WeddingWire WorldConference in Washington DC, June 16th. These full day events the first two in a 5-day schedule for calendar year 2014.

WeddingWire Education

For the Miami gathering, Andy will be joining such wedding industry luminaries as: Sonny Ganguly (Wedding Wire), Alan Berg (Wedding Industry Leadership Conference), Silvia Camps (Brand Development Group), Kathryn Hamm (, Kyle Mihalcoe (WeddingWire), Brendan McLellan (WeddingWire), Bill Cronin (WeddingWire).

During the course of his work with WeddingWire, Andy will be speaking at national, regional, and local conferences and meetings, as well as giving periodic webinars, and contributing to its B2B blog.

“I am incredibly excited being part of the WeddingWire Education Team as an adjunct to work in my companies, Wedding University®, The Wedding Marketing Blog, and the Wedding Marketing Network. Great thanks to Sonny Ganguly for bringing me into the fold.”

Noreen Azuzu
Feature Writer
The Wedding Marketing Blog

The Future Of Wedding Marketing Isn’t What It Used To Be

future-billboardLately, the seminars I’m being asked to present, most often, are about blogging and new social media. It’s exciting to present. I always feel as though I’m filling an information void, but I’m still concerned.

The rate of change in internet-based promotional tools for wedding marketers and all marketers is evolving and shifting at warp speed. More than ever, one cannot rest on one’s laurels for any significant length of time. It is necessary to self-educate, attend local association meetings with real program content, take seminars, and go to regional and national conferences.

Yesterday, a business owner approached me after I gave a short talk on new social media. She expressed the desire to have me help her company build a blog and coach the company on other social media. Later in the afternoon, I took a few minutes to visit her website and see what presence the had. The website was circa 1999, and not very good at that.

Having a good website is not the future, it is a marketing basic. Having a company blog and a Facebook account is not state-of-the-art, it is current and basic in a marketing plan. Having a Twitter account is interesting, and still experimental, but you should have some knowledge about it. If nothing else, you should learn what it means to have a Twitter account, and follow some thought leaders.

The Challenge: Block time for continuing education and seminar/conference attendance.

It doesn’t matter whether you are comfortable with new marketing technologies or not. You must take a couple of  hours, every week, to familiarize yourself with, and experiment with, new marketing opportunities. In fact, if this is not your natural tendency, it’s even more important to do so.

The longer you defer updating your knowledge, the steeper the learning curve becomes. You may be saying to yourself, “I’ll just outsource this stuff.” Nonsense!! A lot of your best options are best handled by you. And, more important, if you don’t know the right questions to ask of a vendor, it’s near impossible to outsource effectively.

Here is your assignment:

  • Make a list of what you need to investigate
  • Block the time
  • Do some exploration
  • Attend a seminar
  • Get some advice
  • Implement new marketing or polish up existing marketing
  • Repeat for the rest of  your life

Don’t lament that this is a chore. Celebrate the fact that if you do this effectively, and your competitor doesn’t, you’ll always be out in front.

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority