MidWest DJs Live Conference Details

MidWest DJs LiveMidWest DJs Live will convene its conference, Sunday and Monday, April 12 & 13 at the Crown Plaza Milwaukee. It is the seventh year for this gathering of entertainment professionals within the region.

Andy Ebon will be representing WeddingWire as parts of its National Education Team. He will be giving a 2-part presentation on blogging, one session on each day of the conference. His content will cover the vast marketing, technical, and creative elements of blogging, with focus on why every small business owner should have a blog.

Some of the other industry presenters include:

  • Mitch Taylor
  • Peter Merkle
  • Alan Dodson
  • KC KoKoruz
  • Howard Wallach
  • Scott “Smokin” Silz

For those who would like attend, for details and online registration, visit MidWestDJsLive.com

Noreen Azuzu
Contributing Writer
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Retooling Focus for 2012

bullseye-2012-250x250It’s THAT time of year… The part of the calendar when we close out the current year, and set our sites on the next year.

I am on a never-ending battle for simplification, focus and precision, in all areas of my enterprise. Of course, you will have your own set of concerns and goals. The important point has to have goals and a concise approach to meeting the challenges.

Here are a few examples from my 2012 bucket.

The Wedding Marketing Blog content

  • Recognize that WHAT is necessary, but often obvious (i.e. announcing Google+)
  • Explaining WHY is more helpful, particularly for small and micro businesses (i.e. What will Google+ do for my business that Facebook isn’t doing? Simply repeating Google’s press release on the existence of Google+ is really a weak, lazy effort)
  • Blogging content and strategyCreate more avenues of long-form content about HOW to do things, now that the WHAT and WHY are clear.
  • Explain MEASUREMENT: It’s fine to the right things for good reasons, but if one isn’t measuring related activity (visits, friends, leads, appointments, sales, relative value, etc.,), then one is still flying by the seat-of-the-pants.
  • POST CONSISTENTLY: In my case, 5-6 times per week (In your case, more likely half that). Write 2-3 posts, in advance, and schedule their visibility to readers, and balance the topics.
In a phone conversation, yesterday, one of my friends, KC Kokoruz, reminded me of one of my favorite Ebonisms.
“Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great idea.” 
~ Andy Ebon
To which I now add.
“Knowing WHY and HOW to do something, and MEASURING related ACTIVITY and RESULTS needs to be part of any overall effort.”
~ Andy Ebon

What are some of your initial ideas and plans for new year?

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog