Wedding Marketing Halftime

wedding marketingTime flies. Yes it does. Independence Day mattress and car ads inundated us with red, white, & blue. I knew the firecracker stands wouldn’t be far behind.

What hit me next is tomorrow is July 1st,  marking the beginning of 2013: Part 2.

For our Canadian friends, July 1st is Canada Day (a national holiday) and start of the NHL draft. But I digress…

The calendar change to July prompts assessment of first-half-2013 accomplishments and prospects for the rest of the year.

  • Are your booking/sales on target? Higher? Lower? Why?
  • Have you made planned changes in your print ads or bridal show participation?
  • Have you launched a blog? If so, are you making consistent posts?
  • How about other social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest? Have you eased in, developed a plan, and followed through?
  • … fill in the blanks, for yourself, here.

Don’t let the calendar run your business. Take a day or two (not necessarily on the holiday) to step back make mid-year corrections and adjustments.

If you are proactive, the second half of 2009 should be even more productive and prosperous for you.

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
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