Brett Culp, Wedding Videographer provides Inspiration for All Ages

Legends of the KnightBrett Culp is a story-teller, a film maker, a videographer. Recently, Brett launched an inspirational documentary film, now traveling the country in full-blown movie theaters.

Legends of the Knight is a story about young kids, their personal battle with disease, and the inspiration the draw from Batman, their ultimate superhero.

The premise is an interesting one. Batman a superhero, with no magic powers, had made a goal to rid the world of evil. An impossible task, perhaps, but The Batman has chosen to make the world a better place. Young people find this comic book symbol a launching pad to fight their own challenges… and to keep fighting.

Brett Culp
Brett Culp

Please visit Brett’s website, WE are Batman, watch the trailer, and attend a showing if you can. You can always Pre-Order the movie.

You can read more about Brett Culp on the About Page on his website.

Andy Ebon
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Soul of Originality

Don't repeat yourself - or anyone else
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Remember back in grade school, when the wandering eye of a classmate, cast a lingering look at your test paper. You thought quietly, and then shot a damning look at the offender. Without even a whisper, your eyes screamed ‘Don’t be a copycat.’

At that age, one is probably too young to understand the nuances of inspiration, admiration, derivation, but you damn well know being a copycat isn’t right. It becomes simple and obvious when it’s your work, copied.

Recently, there has been a major-league scandal involving three professional photographers. A lengthy post on Behind The Shutter calls them out for copying other people’s original work, (words, tweets, images, social media thoughts, etc.,) as their own.

Taking Sides

The comments inevitably following such revelations are judgmental, understanding, forgiving, and provide justification. When you like a particular person, or are a fan, it’s easy to look for justification. On the flip side, the hyper-critical are in full force. In an effort to take my own advice, I prefer not throw gasoline on the fire.

The wisdom of age and experience has caused me to be less judgmental and more introspective. As a human being with my own flaws and legacy of mistakes (both small and large), I have become more curious about why people do things, and what can learned from actions or inactions.

Originality rarely comes easily

Invariably, those of us who create (write, design, compose, speak, perform, etc.,) are constantly under pressure to expand our repertoire with fresh ideas. Excellence, over the long haul, is rarely formulaic.

Repeating oneself or worse, regressing, is not exhilarating. Even when you learn to warmly accept the praise of admirers and yes-people, only you, and a select group of truth-tellers, hold up a mirror to your work.

Why I admire Seth Godin

Seth Godin
Seth Godin

Godin is a marketing wizard, a best-selling author (many times over), a blogger, and a master communicator.

As a communicator, he is a wordsmith. He writes, in the same way that Jony Ive designs. There is no excess. Good design is precise and uncluttered. Godin has developed the skill of describing both classic and cutting-edge themes with fresh perspective and style. His expressions demand your attention.

He blogs daily. That would be 365 days a year, if you’re counting. Some of his blogs are a couple of sentences; others are several paragraphs. All of them have a point.

I doubt he writes daily; though he publishes daily. His blog has the rhythm of a daily paper. By parceling it out, on an absolute schedule, I expect it, read it, and share it. It never gets overlooked.

Is it equally worthwhile, every day? No… that would be unrealistic. But just like Rodney Dangerfield firing one-liners, if you didn’t laugh at one joke, the next one could have you rolling in the aisles.

What is mind-boggling about his blog is the discipline  to develop 365 topics, and publish them, without fail. The fact that all his posts have value to someone, and most of them have value to me, is quite stunning.

Natural Talent vs. Hard Work

It would be easy to say Seth Godin, is gifted or wicked-smart. More than that, it’s clear to me he works extremely hard at all elements of his craft, which results in a distinct and original style, with fresh approach and expression.

What Has Inspired Me

If there is one skill I have acquired from being a Seth Godin devotee, it is to ask different and better questions. Obvious questions are easy. One learns more by asking questions from different perspectives.

Somewhere along the way, I have melded my question evolution with empathy… understanding actions and ideas from other people’s points of view. I am no longer so quick to react, and my appreciation of other people, and their thoughts is greatly enhanced.

“In our digital world, it is all-too-easy to steal a photo, a term paper, a social media quip, or an entire website. To knowingly fail to credit the original author or source; to repeat someone else’s words as your own, is sloppy or lazy at best. The poor judgment of three photographers reminds me even successful people have lapses. 

Then there are some people, such as Seth Godin, who have The Soul of Originality. They put in the planning, the time, to create fresh work… and ‘they ship‘ “

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Don’t Settle!

When careening through life at warp speed, occasionally I find a moment to slow down. It’s more than important. It’s necessary.

I often look to words of people I admire, both in book and video form, to rejuvenate my outlook. The notion that some people think of me as a thought leader is flattering, but even thought leaders get their inspiration elsewhere.

This morning, before the day got away from me, I chose to view a video of Steve Jobs. Not a product introduction or an interview, but a commence speech to graduates of Stanford University, a scant five years ago.

The video is less than 15 minutes. It’s simply three short stories. Powerful stories, that explain a lot about what makes this man tick. For me, his stories are also a point of reference for me. What significant events and points-in-time have shaped me, and allow me to look forward with clear direction and focus.

I highly recommend that you take the time to watch the video. Perhaps it will move you, too.