Perfect Wedding

Just for laughs, I ‘googled’ the phrase Perfect Wedding. Sadly, it received almost 40 million results.

A lot of people living in fantasy land, either believing or creating unrealistic expectations.

You’re not helping create those unrealistic expectations, are you? Just say no!

perfect wedding

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Facebook Fan Page Quiz: What percentage of your fans see your posts?

facebookAnswer: 7% or fewer

In fact, I’ve reviewed multiple sources of research, and consistently find the same answer. If you feel as though your fans (or friends) as not as engaged as the once were, you’re probably right. Most recently, it is due to the magic algorithm that Facebook has developed to predict (limit) what people will be interested to see/read. The formula takes into account about 100,000 parameters.

Just because a prospect, customer, client or peer choose to LIKE your page, that is no guarantee it will show up on their news feed. And since the Facebook news feed is a ticker, of sorts, it may fly by, without being seen by the chosen members of your audience.

Of course, one way to increase your audience is to pay for it. Promote on Personal Facebook Pages; Boost on Facebook Business Fan Pages. Or, there are always Facebook Classified.

Buy Facebook Ads

In an article from late last year appearing in Advertising Age, was titled:

Facebook Admits Organic Reach Is Falling Short, Urges Marketers to Buy Ads

What can we glean from this trend?

Among other things, Facebook is being quite blunt about how it shall earn money; now, and in the future. As Facebook users, we were never guaranteed a free-platform for marketing, in perpetuity. But, many individuals, businesses, and brand managers have become quite rankled as the well starts to run dry.

One should always remember that if you are running business promotion through a personal Facebook page, two things are true. You are violating the Facebook terms of service, and can be shut down at any time. Second, you see no usage statistics on a personal page; only on a business page/

In this regard, I have two major topics that I’m focusing on, this year.

  • The advantages of Google +, particularly as it compares to Facebook.
  • Understanding some of the available Social Media ROI measurement tools. And that means being able to assess the meaning and value of specific statistics, as they apply to your business; helping you adjust your Social Media Plan, as necessary.

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon 
The Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Google Plus SEO Power – "Sands Websites Hacked"

Google Plus SEOSands Websites Hacked were the first three words in the title of a post I wrote about three days ago. The were several reasons for writing that particular item.

  • Sands Corp. is not just a Las Vegas brand for Palazzo and Venetian. It is an international brand for nine properties.
  • Websites and all matters that affect them (design, marketing, and security) are important to all businesses, particularly our wedding and hospitality readers.
  • Successfully hacking the Sands website infrastructure, taking it offline for almost a week (as of this writing), is a siren call to ALL businesses.

Writing for Readers

Raw numbers of site visits are occasionally worth noting, but all clicks and all readers are not created equal. Different visitors, interested in specific content are drawn to websites for various topics. Writing compelling SEO-friendly headlines are the high-powered magnet for readership. If the story has value, then you’ve got something.

Sharing posts via Google + is just one part of promoting blog content. It is rocketing Wedding Marketing Blog content to the top of Google. I noticed a spike in site visits and traffic to the Sands-post, specifically. I ran Google searches for two, single words: Sands and Hacked. I was pleased and shocked to find that each of those search words found the post in the Top 10 Google Results.

More specifically, it was the Google + sharing of the post that drove the post Google’s PAGE ONE.

What does and does not work in SEO today

It’s not about link farms or keyword stuffing. Be precise, write compelling content for the reader, and algorithms will take care of their part.

Google Plus SEO

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon 
The Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Small Town Girl With Big Aspirations: Laurie Chapman

Small Town Girl
Laurie Chapman

I use the term “girl”, advisedly. Laurie Chapman is already a successful business woman, living in the booming metropolis of Elba, Alabama – Population 4185 (2000 Census). There were more than 4000 people within a 2-block radius of where I grew up in New York City.

Spending my post-college life in San Francisco and Las Vegas has afforded me no shortage of organizations, people, and proximity to information, inspiration, and education. Though Laurie grew up in a larger city, Tallahassee, she now resides in a tiny town, whose closes big-city-neighbor is Birmingham, a 3-hour drive away.

Laurie is a small business owner, employing 13 people. Her company Wiregrass Weddings focuses on the need for wedding stationery, party invitations, or gifts. Her two websites: and show up on the first page of Google results when searching for wedding programs.

Laurie attended the Inspire Smart Success Experience – Mexico, this past week in Cancun. What struck me was the time and expense she invested in reaching out to learn and rub shoulders with peers. She can’t just drive 20 minutes, spend $50, and enjoying an association event. I felt downright spoiled at all the industry opportunities at my doorstep. She enjoyed the social events, but that wasn’t why she was there. Laurie Chapman was there to better her business, today, and in the future.

I met Laura from Elba, Alabama… Population of 4185. Her company that shows up on the first page of Google search results. AND, she wants to better herself. What are YOU doing to better yourself and your business? 

~ Andy Ebon

The question I ask myself: What kind of opportunities pass by many of us, because we’re ‘too tired’ to drive 20 minutes? 

My answer: When opportunities are more rare, perhaps we value them, more.

Getting to know Laurie Chapman is one of my BIG TAKEAWAYS from the conference.

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Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority
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