WeddingWire World DC: Next Stop

WeddingWire World Speakers
WeddingWire World Speakers

WeddingWire World DC used to be a 1-day, 1-location educational conference in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, WeddingWire World has expanded to five cities. On Monday, June 16th, WeddingWire World returns to DC, near its corporate headquarters.

It’s about the approach

WeddingWire World has its own flavor, style, approach and takeaways.  It is efficient, paced quickly, and peppered with three types of presenters:

  • In-House WeddingWire Experts
  • National Wedding Industry Education Experts
  • Regional Industry Experts

The sessions are 30, 45, and 60 minutes, with short-short 5 minute breaks. The last two sessions of the day are breakouts. The rest are general sessions.

Speakers make themselves for questions during breakfast, lunch, and the day-end cocktail party.

There are WeddingWire Customer Satisfaction Experts available throughout the day to assist current and prospective advertisers with answers to their questions. Invariably, most questions centered around maximizing a business listing or better understanding and utilizing back-end tools to communicate more effectively with clients and manage one’s business.

Prepare Yourself

WeddingWireIt’s a full day, 8am – 6pm, so get some rest and clear your brain.

If you take away just a couple of gems from each session, you’ll be supercharged.

You can look for the heavy sell, but you won’t find it on the WeddingWire stage. All presenters are there to information, explain, and education…. PERIOD!

… refreshing!

You don’t have to live in Greater Washington DC to attend. Anywhere in a few hours driving radius the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center should consider a Sunday drive and a productive Monday. Oh, there are no rules against flying in from further away.

Hope to see you there…

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert



Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Website Wisdom: Wine Country Edition… Social Media

websiteI’ll be spending my birthday (Did I mention it’s Tuesday, April 2nd?) on the road, giving presentations in the beautiful Northern California Wine Country for the ISES Napa Sonoma Chapter.

The event will take place at the Sheraton Petaluma, with all the details on the chapter website. The morning session is Website Rehab; the afternoon is Building A Focused Social Media Strategy.

It’s an all-day affair, beginning at 8:30am, going until 4:30pm, lunch included. If you are so included, please sign up while there are few seats remaining. At a minimum, please send this post to any friends you have in the neighborhood and encourage them to join us.

Here’s my personal invitation…

Looking forward to a great day!

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

WIPA: The Wedding Association

WIPALeaders of WIPA (Wedding Industry Professionals Association) held launch meetings in San Diego and Santa Monica, California, Monday and Tuesday evening, respectively. It was an opportunity to present their vision for the fledgling association to prospective members.

Does the United States (and beyond) need yet another wedding association?: In reality, this would be its first non-profit association. A true ‘business league,’ as defined by the IRS.

Why does non-profit status matter?: While privately held organizations do provide specific services and benefits for their members, they are always colored by the fact that they are not owned by the membership. An owner or partnership often does good things, but their ultimate goal is profit. Naming an organization an association that is for-profit is a tad misleading. In true associations such as WIPA, NACE or ISES, the membership, represented by its elected leaders, drives the agenda.

The WIPA Vision

What is the vision?: WIPA is still fine tuning its mission statement; however, it’s safe to say that it will focus on education, industry standards, integrity, and consumer-awareness through major media. The association strives to become the leading voice for wedding industry businesses.

What about local chapters?: WIPA has just blasted out of the starting blocks, but local chapters are already on the radar. Thought launched in California, the founding board members plan to evangelize their mission across the United States and beyond, in rapid fashion. There will be a WIPA presence at The Special Event Show in San Diego, (January 2009), in terms of speakers at sessions (wedding track), a booth in the trade show, and at the wedding luncheon. It is expected that the involvement at The Special Event Showwill trigger a flurry of new memberships and fuel interest by wedding industry ‘movers and shakers’ to bring about ‘chapters in development.’

What was the vibe? (OK, that’s a California word) The tone of the gathering and the presentation was energetic, exciting, and passionate. The attendees represented a wide range of business types, within the industry. That kind of variety and enthusiasm can only be a good sign.

WIPA’s founding president, Joyce Scardina Becker, made a great case for the new association and its far reaching benefits to members and the wedding industry, generally. If her fellow board members can match her dedication and commitment, the possibilities for the wedding industry are limitless.


SPECIAL COMMENT: Networking takes place when any group of business people get together. That’s the natural order of things. WIPA promises to be more than just networking.

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Hanging Out at the Wedding MBA Conference

True networking is not simply collecting business cards. It’s making connections that have value in terms of business, friendship, knowledge, and collaboration.

While networking is an acquired skill, there are two other huge factors: Showing up and luck.

common-target.jpgAt this week’s Wedding MBA Conference, the organizers expect in excess of 600 attendees. That’s a lot of showing up. And, as important, it’s a highly focused conference. It’s all about learning the latest, fresh information about promoting one’s wedding business.

The education part is easy. Attend the conference, and show up at every session with an open mind. Don’t expect to be dazzled by every speaker. If you pick up just one fresh idea at every session, and apply it, the investment of time and money will be well worth it. If one or two sessions hit you as ‘life changing,’ then so much the better. You’ll really be pumped.

Often, the best things happen in hallways and coffee shops, between sessions, and during non-conference hours. That’s the luck factor. If one doesn’t simply congregate with people you already know, then the possibilities are limitless.

If your business needs a booster shot, I hope you’ve already made plans to be there. If not, Wedding MBA can probably bring in another chair for you.

Me, I’ll be at the Trade Show, in the sessions (watching, learning and presenting), and generally hanging around. I’m expecting good luck and great networking for everyone.

I’ll be blogging from the conference, but that’s not nearly as exciting as being there. Hope you plan to show up.

Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Blogger