Google Plus SEO Power – "Sands Websites Hacked"

Google Plus SEOSands Websites Hacked were the first three words in the title of a post I wrote about three days ago. The were several reasons for writing that particular item.

  • Sands Corp. is not just a Las Vegas brand for Palazzo and Venetian. It is an international brand for nine properties.
  • Websites and all matters that affect them (design, marketing, and security) are important to all businesses, particularly our wedding and hospitality readers.
  • Successfully hacking the Sands website infrastructure, taking it offline for almost a week (as of this writing), is a siren call to ALL businesses.

Writing for Readers

Raw numbers of site visits are occasionally worth noting, but all clicks and all readers are not created equal. Different visitors, interested in specific content are drawn to websites for various topics. Writing compelling SEO-friendly headlines are the high-powered magnet for readership. If the story has value, then you’ve got something.

Sharing posts via Google + is just one part of promoting blog content. It is rocketing Wedding Marketing Blog content to the top of Google. I noticed a spike in site visits and traffic to the Sands-post, specifically. I ran Google searches for two, single words: Sands and Hacked. I was pleased and shocked to find that each of those search words found the post in the Top 10 Google Results.

More specifically, it was the Google + sharing of the post that drove the post Google’s PAGE ONE.

What does and does not work in SEO today

It’s not about link farms or keyword stuffing. Be precise, write compelling content for the reader, and algorithms will take care of their part.

Google Plus SEO

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