The Pink Bride Continually Builds Brand Awareness

Pink BrideThe Pink Bride bills itself as Tennessee’s Leading Wedding Resource. With wedding shows in six markets, magazines in five, and mobile-ready website, The Pink Bride stands out in a crowd. Its website serves wedding couples who are shopping for services and wedding businesses, looking to be found.

The creative cast at The Pink Bride is all about being provocative and refreshing the appeal of its multi-prong marketing attack on an ongoing basis. While many businesses make incremental changes, largely playing itself, this company is only comfortable being cutting edge.

Brides want new and different!

And with that, The Pink Bride website unveiled a new welcome page with clean, sharp graphics, and user-friendly search engine for wedding products and service in all its six Tennessee markets. And their pink leading lady stands out in crowd of wedding marketing clutter!

The big excitement, this week, are the major changes being unveiled out at its Nashville Wedding Show, this Sunday, August 24, 11am – 4pm at the Nashville Music City Center.

It’s fun being a trendsetter

The Pink BrideSo ask yourself… What’s more fun than turning up the heat on your competition, while serving your customers with unmitigated enthusiasm?

Keep doing it, every year, and the only place you’ll see your competition is in the rear view mirror. FYI: The Pink Bride is a member of BSPI (Bridal Show Producers International)

Andy Ebon



Andy Ebon
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The time to get your Facebook Username is NOW!

Facebook username
Facebook username

A key element of marketing and branding is having a consistent identity. Last week, Facebook made a giant leap forward by enabling you to create a unique username.

Is it absolutely necessary? No, not really. You already have a unique address for  your Facebook home page. However, obtaining your own Facebook username can shorten that address, significantly, and/or make your identity clearer when providing a link.

Moreover, as one often can find when searching Facebook, not everyone has a unique name. There may be several or dozens of people with the same name as you. Why not be the first one to register your own name. Did I mention it takes about a minute and the services is FREE!

I would suggest taking care of this, before someone beats you to it.

Andy Ebon

The Wedding Marketing Authority

ADJA continues branding impact at NACE Conference


The phrase ‘business partnerships’ can be a bit amorphous. However, in the case of the American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA) and the National Association of Catering Executives (NACE), there is a true convergence of common interest.

For the third year, running, the ADJA had a sponsorhip presence at the NACE National Conference (Experience 2008!). Aside from signage and thank you’s, ADJA had a 3-prong presence at this year’s conference in Philadelphia. The foundation presence was the trade show booth at the NACE Marketplace, a 50-sponsor viewed by all in attendance.

Perhaps more important were the presence of ADJA member DJ’s provding music and announcements for breaks and events throughout the conference.

Finally, ADJA gave introductions for all the seminar speakers during the conference. Each opportunity to provide a professional introduction also gave the ADJA representative a chance for a short commercial promoting the mission and vision of the ADJA.

Branding is an exercise that takes repetition, over time. The business partnership between the ADJA and NACE, spearheaded by ADJA President, Dr. Drax, is precisely the kind of program that enhance the awareness of the ADJA, its chapter, and individual members across the country.