MidWest DJs Live Conference Details

MidWest DJs LiveMidWest DJs Live will convene its conference, Sunday and Monday, April 12 & 13 at the Crown Plaza Milwaukee. It is the seventh year for this gathering of entertainment professionals within the region.

Andy Ebon will be representing WeddingWire as parts of its National Education Team. He will be giving a 2-part presentation on blogging, one session on each day of the conference. His content will cover the vast marketing, technical, and creative elements of blogging, with focus on why every small business owner should have a blog.

Some of the other industry presenters include:

  • Mitch Taylor
  • Peter Merkle
  • Alan Dodson
  • KC KoKoruz
  • Howard Wallach
  • Scott “Smokin” Silz

For those who would like attend, for details and online registration, visit MidWestDJsLive.com

Noreen Azuzu
Contributing Writer
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Wedding Expo Scam Update

Wedding Expo ScamIn a never-ending battle to stunt the efforts of wedding marketing scammers, I pass on this message from Alan Dodson, Producer, Tri-Cities Bridal Show (Tennessee). Alan recently sent this email, and I wanted to share the situation for wider awareness.

“Attention Current and Former Exhibitors,

The Email below, sent by Phillip Brunelle is an UNAUTHORIZED use of email addresses harvested from the Tri Cities Bridal Show website.

The website TyingTheKnott is not associated in any manner with the Tri Cities Bridal Show and he is certainly NOT a coordinator or connected with our shows in any way.

I will be taking legal action against him for fraud and misrepresentation.   He is apparently a photographer in the Boston, MA area.
I would not want to be associated with an unscrupulous, bottom feeding, scumbag that resorts to blatant trickery, lying and we would encourage you to report him to yahoo.com who hosts his  website and his email servers.

Send your complaints to abuse@yahoo.com   abuse@mail.com  and to the Yahoo Technical contact at  domain.tech@yahoo-inc.com
The more people that report him will help show yahoo that this is just wrong and that they should shut down his site.  I am sorry if this has inconvenienced you in any manner.  It would be wise to mark weddingvendors@mail.com as a JUNK MAIL sender.

All legitimate messages from the Tri Cities Bridal show originate from our tricitiesbridalshow.com domain or our Mail Chimp Server account.

Let me know if I can assist you in any way.


Alan Dodson, Owner/Producer
Tri Cities Bridal Show

Alan’s message was, in response to the email shown below.

“Hello. As a coordinator of the 2011 & 2012 Tri-Cities Bridal Shows, I just wanted to let you know about a brand new website that we launched this week that’s specifically for connecting wedding professionals with brides & grooms… it’s the first ever social networking wedding website, and it’s completely FREE to join. http://www.TyingTheKnott.com

As a wedding professional this is a good opportunity for you to advertise your business, services and products completely free, and a good way to connect with brides in your area without having to pay a penny… ever!! Check it out online now at http://www.TyingTheKnott.com

This offer is being extended to all of our Tri-Cities Wedding Vendors & we certainly hope that you will check out this new website and join absolutely free – it’s a great opportunity to network with other wedding professionals, share your knowledge on your expertise, and best of all, to connect with brides and grooms planning their weddings!

Phillip Brunelle
Creator & Owner of

NEWS ANALYSIS AND OPINION: This kind of jive is confusing to wedding businesses and generally unacceptable. It’s important to be on-the-lookout for questionable offers, and share the information with your peers.

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog