Social Media Bans Threaten Weddings in Turkey

you-tube-bannedSocial Media Bans, and by that I mean, BANS, are creating political turmoil in the wedding capital of the world. Las Vegas is actually the second to Istanbul, Turkey, in annual volume of weddings (more than 160,000 per year).

For weddings, specifically, and tourism/hospitality, generally, events of the past week have become an instant flashpoint for freedom vs. government control, on the eve of national elections.

Turkey bans Twitter, then YouTube. Is Facebook next?

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Hospitality and travel commerce, including destination weddings are fuel for commerce in countries around the globe. Wherever you call home, the actions of local, regional or national government often have dramatic impact, positive or negative on all sizes of business.

In a borderless world of social media. nothing inspires an ear-shattering response than extreme limitations on internet communication. Turkey doesn’t cross my mind often… there are bigger issues in the news cycle right now, such as: The Malaysian Airlines mystery and, in the United States, the devastating mudslides in Washington state.

Elections in Turkey are this Sunday. Be sure of this, the outcome of voting will determine what comes next in the strengthening or softening of Social Media restrictions will have a ripple effect on wedding industry business, among other categories, in Turkey.

Many internet platforms that didn’t exist, even ten years ago, are considered an absolute necessity for businesses small and large. The geographically your business, the more important these communication freedoms have become for you and your community.

Communication freedom is critical.

Speak up and speak out!

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon 
Wedding Marketing Expert
The Wedding Marketing Blog

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