Same-Sex Weddings Landscape Changes with Supreme Court Rulings

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same-sex weddingsJune 16, 2013 was a landmark day for equal treatment under United States Federal Law. While not a ruling that trumps the law in all states, the United States Supreme Court set fresh guidelines that cover the rights of LGBT couples in 12 states and the District of Columbia, reflecting 40% of the American population.

The momentum of change had picked up steam over the last couple of years, and the court’s ruling should accelerate the process, even more. It continues to be paradoxical that a legal marriage in one state, may not be recognized in another state, while simultaneously in-synch, universally, with federal law

Same-Sex Weddings Business Bump

Just over a year ago, I wrote An Essay on Same-Sex Marriage and other United States Liberties. It felt good to reread it, today. It was stunning to realize how slowly the country moved forward on LGBT rights, as of last spring. And this year, progress is picking up steam.

Almost immediately, wedding industry business began the marketing process of promoting to gay couples. Yesterday, The Knot unveiled a 94-page digital magazine on Gay Weddings. As laws continue to change, in step with public sentiment, there should be an explosion in LGBT-specific wedding media, and promotion to LGBT couples through traditional wedding media. (Full disclosure: Andy Ebon is a Regular Contributor for The Knot B2B)

Advice and Opinion

For business having no previous experience in same-sex events, up to now, I suggest patience, education, and employee orientation. The culture and customs will be unfamiliar, and even the most sincere intentions can be fraught with missteps.

There are marketing, awareness, and sensitivity issues. Your business can explode with success, or implode, just as easily, if you get it wrong.

There are some experts in this field, even now. There are far more beginners. If you’re one of the beginners, take your time in adding LGBT brides and grooms to your marketing plan. And should you move ahead, on that path, enjoy the joy of couples who have waited, sometimes, decades, to marry. A custom that many of us, take for granted.

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3 thoughts on “Same-Sex Weddings Landscape Changes with Supreme Court Rulings

  1. Very true Andy. It’s important we wedding vendors look inward to our own infrastructure to make sure we can serve this segment with the same quality level we already have in place for existing customers. They don’t deserve anything less. Stoked to see the courts get this one right. Bye Bye prop 8.

  2. What will be interesting to see is those who support traditional/natural marriage exclusively. Will they be targeted/challenged by same sex couples to go against their own values being forced to provide services, possibly through the courts (from DJs to venues)? Either way this will certainly provide an opportunity for businesses to become more niche in the marketplace.

    • David,

      I appreciate your comment, but I think your concerns about possible lawsuits is unlikely to surface.

      LGBT couples will be looking for companies that are interested and capable and serving them… not forcing those who are not so inclined (or a good fit), to work with them.

      I think you’ll find, almost always, that LGBT couples are seeking normalcy… to be treated like everyone else, and celebrate their love. They are not looking for attention, but simply to surround themselves with friends, family, and professionals who are along for the ride.