Personality, Creativity Spark Las Vegas Bake Shop

7/28/15 update: Business now closed...

This wonderful bake shop appears to have closed more than a year. The concept was great fun. Sad to see it go.

Taryn and Robyn of Pick Your Poison Bake Shop

Taryn and Robyn of Pick Your Poison Bake Shop

First Published, December 11, 2011: My Sunday ritual includes reading the Las Vegas Review Journal and Las Vegas Sun, cover-to-cover, accompanied by a whole wheat bagel and vanilla hazelnut coffee. Reading cover-to-cover can payoff.

Today, I caught a 1-column on page 2 of the Las Vegas Sun. The headline grabbed me: Cupcake Artists Bake With BoozeAfter reading the item, I jumped right to the website of Pick Your Poison Bake Shop. The two owners are ‘fun lovin’ gals’, Taryn and Robyn. And they might just be the Ben & Jerry’s of cupcakes.

Their flavors are creative concoctions, many of them, infused with booze. They don’t limit themselves to alcohol-inspiration. Also soda pop flavors, fruit creations, chocolate and more. One look at their cupcake array and you’ll want to jump on a flight to Las Vegas.

They’ve only been in business since March 2011, but they are competing, tonight, in an episode of Cupcake Wars on Food TV (check your local listing). Who knows whether they’ll use and established flavor or go off the chart and create a first-time-original-one-the-fly.

It’s people like Taryn and Robyn that make being diabetic, difficult. Maybe I can talk them into creating a one-off diabetes-friendly flavor, inspired by me. I can dream, anyway.

“Being ‘The Best’ is a passing fantasy. Being ‘Definitively Different’ is where it’s at. Pick Your Poison Bake Shop is the latter!

Cupcakes: Infused with Booze

Cupcakes: Infused with Booze

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