Is this bride more over-exposed than Kim Kardashian?

over exposed brideIn the recent Justin Timberlake science-fiction movie, “In Time”, people stop aging at 25 years old. This lovely bride appears to be frozen in time, too.

She is ubiquitous. She smiles. You will find her in various poses. And, she is ageless.

What she lacks is authenticity… somewhat like Kim Kardashian.

You see, this isn’t a real bride. She can be found online, and bought from, Don’t get me wrong. is a great resource, but this budding bride has made too many appearances on too many brochures, at bridal shows, websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and the like.

So, when you’re casting a bride to brand your company, have an original thought. Stay away from this bride. She’s probably had as many page views as Kim Kardashian.

Heck… she’s probably has never been married… not even for 72 days.

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