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When people ask me questions about their website, they often start with a series of concerns.

  • website critiqueMy website isn’t getting the traffic it used to.
  • It’s not delivering the number of leads it should.
  • It looks dated; I think it needs a makeover.
  • … the list goes on and on.

These statements often miss the point. My response is to ask better questions, find the answers, analyze the site, and deliver clear advice that you and your webmaster can implement. Almost all the time, your webmaster is quite competent to make the modifications, they simply need direction.

Some of the challenge questions I ask are:

  • questionsYou say your site isn’t getting the traffic it should. When was the last time you looked at your statistics? How often do you look them? Do you know how to interpret them?
  • Not getting enough leads? Compared to what? If you’re getting 10 leads out of 100 visitors a week, that’s pretty good. If you’re getting 10 leads from 1000 visitors a week, that’s pretty soft. Let’s find the disconnect.
  • Websites tend to become stale when they are not updated. Do you have a monthly or quarterly plan to refresh your site.

The overarching question is website usability.

  • How easy is it for prospective customers to navigate your site to find what they want?
  • At any time, they may decide it’s time to contact you for further information or discussion. Is that easy to do?
  • When they inquire, does the prospect fill out an inquiry form or just send an email?
  • If a prospect fills out an inquiry form, do you receive in-depth marketing information sourcing the several ways they heard about you? Or, do you just have them fill-in-the-blank? That will almost always tell you the last way they heard about you, not the complete story.
  • Is content placement on your screen helping or hurting the task of finding information? Does important content fall below the screen horizon and get overlooked?

The Website Tweaker Evaluation will summarize the strengths and weaknesses of your site, and give specific recommendations on how to maximize its effectiveness.

You’ll receive an evaluation punch-list via email within 10 business days. A 45-60 minute video conference call, follows. Then a final written report. It is my commitment to make certain that my comments and recommendations are clear.. The fee for this services is only $477.00.

Don’t fire your webmaster out of frustration. Get a second opinion!

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