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Customized Marketing Assistance for Wedding Industry Businesses

Philosophy: At the Wedding Marketing Network, the overriding belief is that industry and marketing change has become so rapid, that almost everyone could use an unbiased second opinion and a little well-targeted advice to go with it.

It starts with you, telling us, want you want.

After you tell us what you want, and we do analysis, we’ll tell you what you need.

If you’re looking for a yes-man, try your brother-in-law. This is not the place 🙂 – We are here to serve you, not placate you. We do it with experience, humor, and the notion that getting you headed in a more profitable direction is what it’s all about.

Levels of Wedding Marketing Rehab offered

  • Consultation: A La Carte Consultation is available at $150 per hour. Phone consultations generally include some advance work (review of marketing materials, website, etc.,) as part of the consultation. An initial 90-minute block of consultation is offered at only $250.
  • Analysis: If you think your marketing just needs a tune-up, we can discuss analysis and recommendations on specific parts of it. Fee is determined by the range and depth of topics covered.
  • Intervention: You may have already determined that your marketing is out-of-control. It’s a major overhaul or total reconstruction. You want to hear not just the ‘brutal truth,’ but how to get back on track. Fee is determined by the range and depth of topics covered.
  • Ongoing Therapy: The idea here is to keep you on track. Review new ideas, materials, competition issues, and more. It also keeps you on our radar. As we hear of new services, helpful to you, expect to hear from us. Don’t expect an invoice for sending you the occasional brilliant idea.
  • Frequency of consultation depends where you are in your particular marketing program. As often as once monthly, but not less than once per quarter is a good schedule for most businesses.

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