“Once in a while, you should look out the window”

Breaking 'Cubicle Syndrome'

cubicle syndromeA past client of mine would say that, from time to time. She was referring to ‘cubicle syndrome.’ The sad fact that it’s easy to let your world become the four walls of your business. No matter how big and successful that business may be, you will be completely missing inspiration and innovation that is everywhere one looks… provided you actually look.

Inspiration is where you find it. Next week, hundreds of catering and event professionals are attending the NACE Educational Conference in Houston, TX to open their minds to new ideas, innovations, and share ideas, one-to-one, with other professionals.

I challenge you to attend at least two conferences, annually: One in you primary industry (Balloons, DJ, Cakes, whatever it might be); the second in the wedding or event industry.

It’s hard to schedule the time. It costs money. If you don’t come back refreshed and inspired, I’d be shocked!!!

“Once in a while, you have to look out the window.” Now go do it!

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