The High Cost Of Integrity and Independence

And occasionally 'Being Right'

Being RightSince returning from three and half weeks of business travel, for speaking, I’ve been in a somewhat contemplative state. I admit to having tuned out most of the ‘debt ceiling debate’ while on the road. Hopping from city to city, and country to country, in major chunks by car and plane, gives you quite the opportunity to be introspective.

At a relatively early age, I think most of us learn that life isn’t fair. Recently, I’ve become more aware of the plummeting value of integrity and ethics. I know… this is a wedding marketing blog. Somewhere along the line, I made the declaration that…

“…marketing is everything that touches the customer.’

In the wedding industry, it has become far more complicated than that. The interactive dance of bride-media-venue-vendor-et al has become a conglomeration of overreaching, on too many occasions.

Code words such as: “my bride” or “my couple” are mindless inferences that a single business has ownership of the bride or wedding couple and their decisions.

When someone says “I recommend them because they always follow our rules.”, it may be code for: “We don’t want anyone’s creativity interfering with our ability to get home in time for Saturday Night Live.”

“I’m not a public service, I have a business to run.” is code for: “I know I’m doing business with a jerk, but if it brings me business, I’m going to employ situational ethics.”

“The percentage we take for referring business is simply the cost of doing business.” is a ham-handed way of saying, “We narrow the field of leads for you, and if the value of business is worth it to, your business will happily pay it.” – Fair enough, but with the absence of transparency (revealing that percentage to the customer), I’m not sure if the policy passes the complete smell test.

I continue to look for fairness or reasonableness from time to time, but mostly find abuse of power, situational ethics, and lack of integrity.

You’d think I’d be used to it by now. Not so… I continually seek to do business with like-minded people.

How about you? Do you think about who (and what companies) you do business with? What bugs you? What makes you happy?

Share YOUR wisdom… and philosophy.

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3 thoughts on “The High Cost Of Integrity and Independence

  1. What really bugs me is the way clients can demand freebies or threaten bad reviews. Ethically, I simply cannot reward selfish, demanding tantrums and unreasonable requests, yet I know I’ll pay for doing the right thing when the clients post falsely negative reviews online when they don’t get what they want (everything perfect, for free).

  2. Andy, it absolutely amazes me at the number of times we are of the same school of thoughts on so many topics. With so many what’s in it for me mentality’s out there putting integrity back into to the business of doing business is no easy task. We run into it everyday in the Internet marketing and SEO industry. We often find ourselves spending a ton of time just educating the customer to allow them to make an informed decision. So many unscrupulous characters are out there making promises they can’t possibly keep.

    Your question here is dead on the money with a question my business partner, Duane Forkner asked justyesterday. You ask, “Do you think about who (and what companies) you do business with?” Duane’s question was similarly, ” Is what they’re offering to do for your business is about benefiting you or to benefit themselves?”

    New Media Vegas is determined to put integrity back in the Internet marketing and SEO industry! We are glad to be in such good company as yours!

    ~ There can be no relationship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity. ~

    New Media Vegas, LLC