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The Law of Unintended Consequences has struck the Wedding Industry, as a sidebar of this week’s government shutdown. This ongoing political dispute shows no obvious conclusion, in the foreseeable future.

For those of us who may not read the daily paper, follow the news online, or watch network or cable TV news, it’s too easy to think, “Well, this doesn’t apply to me.”

On October 1st, as this political gridlock entered its first official day, more than 2000+ attendees, rolled into the nation’s largest wedding conference, Wedding MBA. For me, like many others, this meant 16 hour days and complete focus on the conference. Only late yesterday, and today, did I start to see news reports on the sudden effect on weddings, public events and tourism.

Your wedding has been postponed!

Vast numbers of wedding couples scheduled ceremonies, receptions, or both, at government parks, venues, and the like. The engaged couple, their families, wedding party, and guests have made plans, weeks and months in advance. Suddenly, it’s up for grabs.

Businesses are caught in limbo, too. Should an event be postponed, it’s not as simple as applying a deposit to a future date. Employees and contractors are obligated a specific date. They expect to work, and get paid, in the present tense, not some-date-in-the-future.

There will be inevitable business disputes among these parties, through no fault of their own.

Our Government Should Govern!

Lest any reader think I have a particular party affiliation to support, please understand that I don’t. The whole lot of federal representatives, Senators and Congressman of all parties have kicked the can down the road. We have a representative government, and I expect those who elected to do the business of the people.

There are more critical issues than the postponement or cancellation of weddings and receptions. I understand and appreciate that.  This weekend, if I were a bride or groom, I would be focused on my own situation.

The annoyance factor is this: Many citizens dependent on the flow of funds for all kinds of government services are paralyzed by federal inaction. If you would, take a couple of minutes to send an email to your Senators and Congressman and light a fire under them.

My opinion on how the issue should be resolved may be different than yours… and I’m OK with that. What I suggest is governmental paralysis is not an option.

End of rant…

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon
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