Expressions of Gratitude on Thanksgiving

expressions of gratitudeOriginally posted on November 24, 2011

Expressing appreciation is an act that rises to top-of-mind on Thanksgiving. I am no different from most people, in that respect.

My success or failure in expressing appreciation and gratitude is a continual challenge. A challenge that creeps into my mind and soul as a reminder of what one should do.

Sometimes we give thanks, without much of thought. And other times, it’s deep-seated, meaningful essay. Yesterday, I received a short email that reminded how a few sentences, out of the blue, can brighten one’s day and bring a smile to one’s face.

I received a short email from someone I barely remember, who frequented the college nightclubs where I DJ’d, more than 35 years ago.

“Andy: You may not remember me but I know you from your D.J. days in Tucson. Danced often. Point After and End Zone. Still talk to some of my friends from those days and your name came up during recent conversations reminiscing. Looked you  up and was not surprised to see you successful in your chosen field.”

Sheri K”

It resonated with me, for a number of reasons.

  • Those were particularly good days, and it gave me a wonderful series of flashbacks.
  • It felt great that the simple ‘act of playing music’ had provided Sheri and others with fun experience, then, and great memories, now.
  • The fact that she took the time to look me up and send a note was stunningly wonderful.

I’ve connected and reconnected with people via the Internet, through various sites and common interests. But Sheri’s note reminds me that I need to block some time, every week, to put a smile on another person’s face. Whether it’s an old friend, a peer or a mentor… whether the relationship is ancient, new, casual or formal.

I don’t plan to make this a New Year’s Resolution. I simply plan to make it a commitment and develop this ritual as a new and frequently-used habit.

There is not a threshold of success or failure for this activity. No magic pass/fail number. I’m pretty sure if can follow through on this, the impact will become clear.

With every best, on your Thanksgiving…

Andy Ebon
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