Practice Makes Perfect

A foolish cliche

Practice Makes PerfectIt is often said that “Practice Makes Perfect”. The reality is the “PERFECT PRACTICE makes PERFECT”. If one practices, incorrectly, a person becomes proficient at doing it wrong.

A couple of days ago, I made a stop at local Great Clips location. These days, a ‘haircut’, means getting a buzz cut, for clean shaven head. It is a quick cut, and doesn’t demand loyalty to a particular stylist. On any given day, I might stop at a Super Cuts, or some other competitor.

It is apparent that Great Clips stylists have been trained to greet a customer with moments of entry to the store. I have found that they take this to its literal extreme. When walking in, I was greeted with a screaming ‘Welcome to Great Clips!!’ from the rear of the store. Then, a stylist, working on a customer at the first booth behind the register, started a sentence to me, looking at me… but continued it with the back of her head, facing me.

Somewhere along the line, the greeting training lost the concept of eye contact and connection with the customer. One experiences this in many fast food establishments when completing a purchase. You hear Thank You!”, but the server is fixated on the register. It smacks of insincerity.

It’s not unusual for management to get frustrated with staff and adopt the approach of “Just do what I tell you. Don’t think!” While this may be understandable, it’s bad business.

To the extent that one gives an employee better context, purpose, and direction, you might be surprised at how the execution of an instruction, improves.

Being impersonal, doesn’t come naturally. It takes a lot of practice. Bad practice…. fueled by poor instructions.

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority

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