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Copyscape.comAbout two months ago, I reported major plagiarism of a wedding industry website, owned by Sasha Souza. Sasha brought the hammer down on the offending Alicia Allen, and her website. has been undercover (requires login and password) ever since. updated – 9-23-13 Domain name and website, abandoned.

I recommended a number of tools to protect your site from plagiarism. The top one being

Today, paid off for Sight’n’Sound, a Las Vegas company. Their website was highly plagiarized by another Las Vegas area DJ service,

It could have been an accident, you say… No… hell no! Take a look at this partial screenshot, and my explanation that follows.

Plagiarized copy

DJ Jodi Harris, Co-Owner of SightNSound, calls herself the CEO of Fun. Strategically, Affordable DJs inserted two words: and Master, and thought that would be OK. By itself, that might have slipped by. However, this blurb shows Rocco as having won an award from the Las Vegas Chapter of NACE. Problem is, Rocco isn’t a member of NACE, and the award was won by Jodi Harris.

Jodi spoke with Rocky (Rocco) this afternoon. They do know each other, having collaborated on a couple of bookings, several years ago. He claimed ignorance on the plagiarism issue, laying it off on his webmaster, Linda Strasberg (reportedly hired from the Yellow Pages). He told Jodi he would have the webmaster call her. Two hours later, no phone call, but magically, this block of copy has been removed from the site.

FYI: Laying it off on the webmaster doesn’t fly. If he didn’t know the plagiarism, he should have known, and it is still his problem.

My guess is Rocky will be pressured to shut-it-down and create a fresh site. If he resists, the hosting service will be contacted about the plagiarism, and they will shut him down.

MY ADVICE: Protect your intellectual property. 

And… it’s bad enough to plagiarise from a business several states away. Plagiarizing from a business across town is incredibly foolish.

I’ll report back on how this plays out….

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