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dianna-shitanishiOriginal published 9/24/2007 – This post is a profile of my friend, Dianna Shitanishi. Sadly, Dianna passed away after losing a hard-fought battle with cancer in early October, 2014. This profile, our last get-together in Honolulu, and many memories of NACE conferences is all I have left. She was a rare person, and I shall not forget her.

No not that Diana. This Dianna is President of the Honolulu Chapter of NACE, and the owner of Hawaii Weddings and Events.

While rejuvenating in Honolulu, Jessica and I spent an evening with Dianna at the Dole Ballroom, for its mid-week, after-work gathering, Bump on the Hump. Even on vacation, when I’m around wedding professionals, I’m always curious to hear what they’re doing, thinking, and planning… and what’s different about their market.

About two-thirds of Dianna’s work are destination events… weddings, conferences, etc.,. Because of time and distance, it is more likely, than in other locations, to not have the benefit of an advance visit by a client, before the week of the event.

Dianna has the benefit of experience working on the hotel side, at the Royal Hawaiian and the Kahala Hotel and Resort, prior to venturing out on her own, about two years ago. She also draws from her involvement in local NACE Chapter for her vast knowledge of the vendors and venues through the Hawaiian Islands.

She has a keen sense of precision and communication, both with her clients and vendors. As Dianna is now the buyer of services, as well as someone who influences client decisions, it is the wise vendor that communicates their needs, parameters, and other issues to make her job easier, not more difficult.

Not all independent event and wedding planners are created equal. Seek out the truly qualified ones, like Dianna, in your market. It’s a long-term relationship, worth developing.

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