Kate Patay, CPCE Wins CIC Pacesetter Award

Convention Industry CouncilSparks, NV – Creative Coverings, a Nevada-based, national linen rental and sales company, is pleased to announce Kate Patay, CPCE, Executive Director of Sales & Marketing, has received the distinguished Pacesetter Award from the Convention Industry Council. This award is given to emerging leaders who are making a difference within the events and convention industry.

Kate Patay, CPCEKate Patay joined Creative Coverings in 2009 with experience in F&B design, hotel/casino catering sales, special events and convention services. In her current role, Kate oversees the growth of the rental and sales division, as well as brand integrity. Working closely with the design team to stay ahead of fashion and décor trends has contributed to the rapid and successful growth of the company.

“We are thrilled to see Kate recognized by the Convention Industry Council.” says Bonnie Fedchock, CAE, and Executive Director of the National Association for Catering and Events; “She is a true industry professional, always supporting her colleagues through education, training, and insight. Kate excels as a professional, volunteer and leader. She will continue to do amazing work in the industry.”

Creative CoveringsAs Executive Director of Sales & Marketing, Kate helps represent Creative Coverings as the NACE National Secretary/Treasurer, a NACE National Business Partner and Social Media & Trend Expert. She is an active member of ISES, ICA, ACCP, ARA, EPA, and is on the advisory board of The Solace Tree. She has also been a featured educational speaker at numerous conventions & organizational meetings around the country.

The Convention Industry Council will honor Kate during the Hall of Leaders & Pacesetter Awards Celebration on October 13th in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information about CIC please visit www.conventionindustry.org.

The Wedding Marketing Blog offers its highest praise and congratulations to Kate Patay, CPCE, and her sponsoring organization for this honor, NACE.

Andy Ebon
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Annie’s Gourmet Italian Restaurant Version 2.0

In the kitchen with Grandma Cungie and Annie
In the kitchen: Grandma Cungie & Annie

In late 2009, Annie Payton, CPCE, opened Annie’s Gourmet Italian in Henderson, Nevada. She did so, on the heels of being laid off at Reflection Bay, a golf and event venue… as Greater Las Vegas descended into considerable recession.

The cozy, home-style Italian restaurant had its share of successes and challenges. To move into a fresh success-cycle, Annie considered the options and decided to pursue a new location, doubling seating, upgrading from beer and wine to a full bar,  and adding gaming machines in the bar (The Lost Weekend Bar).

The Lake Las Vegas Marina continues to call on Annie’s as a preferred vendor for its weddings and parties on its yachts. This relationship provides a base of activity for Annie’s off-premise services.

Annie's Gourmet Italian

The pet-friendly patio was a highly-appreciated feature of the original Annie’s location. During regular business hours, customers were free to bring their 4-footed friends. The area was sufficiently large to accommodate special events, too.

In searching out a new location, Annie launched a new outdoor space, Ookie’s Garden Pet Friendly Patio.

Achieving Superhero Status

Pasta Primavera
Pasta Primavera

Anyone who has built out a business, from scratch, or expanded/remodeled their home, will tell you about running the gauntlet. In Annie’s case, she continued to operate her original location, while overseeing construction of the new location.

The confluence of contractors, inspectors, hiring and training new employees, and long work days were a taxing experiences. All of these while maintaining a going concern at the original restaurant location. Annie pushed on… 

With a seemingly unending string of ‘surprises,’ on all fronts, Annie pushed on.

The Grand Opening Has Arrived

Enjoy a cocktail! at Annie's Gourmet Italian
Enjoy a cocktail!

Monday, May 19th, is the Grand Opening of Version 2.0 of Annie’s Gourmet Italian. Ribbon cutting by Henderson Mayor, Andy Hafen, and dinner service, beginning at 4pm.

Beginning with the Grand Opening, Annie Payton will lead her staff and customers into a new era. Annie is a soft spoken and spirited leader. She lives in the present and future; for her employees and customers. And those qualities are the soul of her business.

If you live in Greater Las Vegas or have occasion to visit, make it a point to enjoy a meal at Annie’s. You’ll not only eat well and enjoy family-style surroundings, but see the end result of incredibly hard work from everyone involved.

 “La Vita e Bella!” (Life is Beautiful!)

Andy Ebon
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Brett Culp, Wedding Videographer provides Inspiration for All Ages

Legends of the KnightBrett Culp is a story-teller, a film maker, a videographer. Recently, Brett launched an inspirational documentary film, now traveling the country in full-blown movie theaters.

Legends of the Knight is a story about young kids, their personal battle with disease, and the inspiration the draw from Batman, their ultimate superhero.

The premise is an interesting one. Batman a superhero, with no magic powers, had made a goal to rid the world of evil. An impossible task, perhaps, but The Batman has chosen to make the world a better place. Young people find this comic book symbol a launching pad to fight their own challenges… and to keep fighting.

Brett Culp
Brett Culp

Please visit Brett’s website, WE are Batman, watch the trailer, and attend a showing if you can. You can always Pre-Order the movie.

You can read more about Brett Culp on the About Page on his website.

Andy Ebon
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Small Town Girl With Big Aspirations: Laurie Chapman

Small Town Girl
Laurie Chapman

I use the term “girl”, advisedly. Laurie Chapman is already a successful business woman, living in the booming metropolis of Elba, Alabama – Population 4185 (2000 Census). There were more than 4000 people within a 2-block radius of where I grew up in New York City.

Spending my post-college life in San Francisco and Las Vegas has afforded me no shortage of organizations, people, and proximity to information, inspiration, and education. Though Laurie grew up in a larger city, Tallahassee, she now resides in a tiny town, whose closes big-city-neighbor is Birmingham, a 3-hour drive away.

Laurie is a small business owner, employing 13 people. Her company Wiregrass Weddings focuses on the need for wedding stationery, party invitations, or gifts. Her two websites: WiregreassWeddings.com and ProgramsAndBulletins.com show up on the first page of Google results when searching for wedding programs.

Laurie attended the Inspire Smart Success Experience – Mexico, this past week in Cancun. What struck me was the time and expense she invested in reaching out to learn and rub shoulders with peers. She can’t just drive 20 minutes, spend $50, and enjoying an association event. I felt downright spoiled at all the industry opportunities at my doorstep. She enjoyed the social events, but that wasn’t why she was there. Laurie Chapman was there to better her business, today, and in the future.

I met Laura from Elba, Alabama… Population of 4185. Her company that shows up on the first page of Google search results. AND, she wants to better herself. What are YOU doing to better yourself and your business? 

~ Andy Ebon

The question I ask myself: What kind of opportunities pass by many of us, because we’re ‘too tired’ to drive 20 minutes? 

My answer: When opportunities are more rare, perhaps we value them, more.

Getting to know Laurie Chapman is one of my BIG TAKEAWAYS from the conference.

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Andy Ebon
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