The High Cost Of Integrity and Independence

And occasionally 'Being Right'

Since returning from three and half weeks of business travel, for speaking, I’ve been in a somewhat contemplative state. I admit to having tuned out most of the ‘debt ceiling debate’ while on the road.

Wedding Sales Fable of Goldie-Bride and the 13 DJ-Bears

Once upon a time there was a bride named Goldie. She had met her prince charming and couldn’t wait to start the process of planning her wedding. She stopped at a bookstore and came home with a pile of wedding magazines. Goldie was inspired.

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CSAE

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CSAE

“The only client you can’t satisfy is those who have unrealistic expectations.”Patricia Fripp, CSP, CSAE ~ Public Speaker, Coach, Author

During the sales process, it’s very tempting to say ‘Yes, we can do that.. no problem…’ or almost any overly affirmative response to a prospect’s question. That is the root of unrealistic expectations.

Good advice from Patricia in just a one sentence quote.

Noreen Azuzu
Contributing Writer ~ The Wedding Marketing Blog

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