WeddingWire Education Team adds Andy Ebon

WeddingWire EducationWedding Marketing Expert, Andy Ebon, will be joining the WeddingWire Education Team as an Education Expert. His official start date is June 1st, kicking off with the WeddingWire World Conference in Miami, June 3rd,  closely followed by the WeddingWire WorldConference in Washington DC, June 16th. These full day events the first two in a 5-day schedule for calendar year 2014.

WeddingWire Education

For the Miami gathering, Andy will be joining such wedding industry luminaries as: Sonny Ganguly (Wedding Wire), Alan Berg (Wedding Industry Leadership Conference), Silvia Camps (Brand Development Group), Kathryn Hamm (, Kyle Mihalcoe (WeddingWire), Brendan McLellan (WeddingWire), Bill Cronin (WeddingWire).

During the course of his work with WeddingWire, Andy will be speaking at national, regional, and local conferences and meetings, as well as giving periodic webinars, and contributing to its B2B blog.

“I am incredibly excited being part of the WeddingWire Education Team as an adjunct to work in my companies, Wedding University®, The Wedding Marketing Blog, and the Wedding Marketing Network. Great thanks to Sonny Ganguly for bringing me into the fold.”

Noreen Azuzu
Feature Writer
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Watermark Images for Safety

watermarkerPiracy of websites, both content and  images, is all-too-pervasive. It’s an issue addressed in this blog, more than once.

Creative companies, such as wedding planners/designers, floral designers, decor companies, bakers, lighting designers, etc., routinely have their content copied/duplicated/pirated.

For text-based content, CopyScape is recommended – as described in the context of this particular piracy story.

Some image-dependent businesses (such as the ones noted above) prefer/choose not to watermark their images to make theft less appealing to those taking shortcuts.

For those who might consider watermarking website or blog images, there is an excellent software option for Mac, called Watermarker.

Several key features include:

  • Use custom text
  • Use your own logo
  • Resize Images
  • Batch-process images

All of these features are useful. Batch-processing is particularly useful for photographers and other businesses that generate many images from a single event.

Watermarking is priced at $14.99 through Mac App store. I don’t have a Windows recommendation because I don’t use that operating system. However, I’m sure there are comparable Windows iterations of watermarking software.

To rewrite a quote, originally about Michael Jordan…

“When it comes to thieves, you can’t stop them, you only contain them.”

There is no foolproof content or image protector, but watermarking makes it much tougher. If you don’t have a concern about content or image theft, you should. See what your options are.

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert



Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Expert

Off the grid DJ Wedding Cruise

off the gridOff the grid, this week, I’m cruising the high seas of the Gulf of Mexico for the DJ/Wedding Professionals Cruise.

I’ll be making two presentations and relaxing the rest of the time.

Off the grid

There is extremely expensive internet access available for the highly addictive. I’m planning on taking a well-needed internet sabbatical.

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog

What if ‘failed weddings’ fell out of the sky?

Failed WeddingsBack in the early years of the United States space program, every step was breaking new ground. One of the strategies was creating system redundancies, in case of failures out in space. A spare-tire-strategy was utilized for virtually everything, certainly for critical systems.

From a selling situation, many brides have become incredibly over-confident about their chances of universal success. Wedding failures can occur incrementally, or happen from one simple oversight or technical failure.

“Let’s face it, when we jump in a car, we don’t expect to have a flat, but we carry a spare for the rare occasion when it becomes a critical necessity.”

That’s not a negative approach. That’s an outlook of proper preparation and advisable caution, every time.

It strikes me, from a tactical selling standpoint, that as a vendor, one would be using F.U.D. – Fear, Uncertain & Doubt. NASA would temper decisions by suggesting…

‘Are you really comfortable with THIS PARTICULAR DECISION going to the LOWEST BIDDER.’ 

The tone is yours to choose. Perhaps tongue-in-cheek. Maybe dead-serious. That depends on the prospect, and what you need to do to focus their attention on details that differentiate your company. It’s rarely one item that separates you. But build one element upon the next, and suddenly you pull away from the pack, becoming the obvious choice, in the mind of the prospect.

I argue that if a wedding professional has not made a powerful selling argument that creates separation between its company and another, they buyer defaults to a lowest bidder tendency. Amazingly, both brides and other wedding professionals vaguely expect that others will be prepared for most eventualities… As said on Hertz commercials, “Not Exactly!”

It is rare that most brides are aware of questions and issues that may cause their wedding or reception to crash and burn. Your preparation and thinking of the smallest detail and defense strategy, so that bride doesn’t have to concern herself, is a selling strategy.

“Would you risk the failure of the biggest day of your life to the lowest bidder?” 

Properly framed, it’s a question worth asking, in your own variation. The notion of PERFECT is ludicrous. The visual fear of a wedding falling out of the sky is dramatic. As it should be!!

If you are better prepared than your competition, that will be one more arrow in your sale quiver. You don’t get any points by failing to use it.

Now, go make a sale!

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog