How To Be Annoying On Facebook

annoying on FacebookThere are likely infinite ways to be annoying on Facebook. Admittedly, it’s easy to fall into the trap.

The Places app can easily suck you into the nasty habit of checking in at all times, in all place. Despite my alleged knowledge on  social media, and Facebook, in particular, I became temporarily addicted to announcing my presence at such exciting places at Einstein Bros. Bagels and Starbucks.

While that may have been amusing or interesting to a handful of people, it’s really the kind of junk that will drive most people in other directions. So… I’ve stopped doing that. I use the Places app almost solely when attending industry events or travel for speaking. That’s it. That’s the list.

An incredibly more annoying practice is the clique-post (sometimes used with Places), almost always accompanied by photos.

You know the one… a group of professional peers are out in a small group, consuming apple martinis and Cheetos. They just can’t resist posting a few photos of themselves, smiling and giggling, and yucking it up.

The essence that Facebook check-in or post becomes:

“Look at us! We’re together, and you’re not part of our clique!!”

It is so high school. If you catch yourself doing it, Knock it off!

If you catch a friend doing it with others, tell them (privately) to Knock it off!

There, I feel better already…

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Is this bride more over-exposed than Kim Kardashian?

over exposed brideIn the recent Justin Timberlake science-fiction movie, “In Time”, people stop aging at 25 years old. This lovely bride appears to be frozen in time, too.

She is ubiquitous. She smiles. You will find her in various poses. And, she is ageless.

What she lacks is authenticity… somewhat like Kim Kardashian.

You see, this isn’t a real bride. She can be found online, and bought from, Don’t get me wrong. is a great resource, but this budding bride has made too many appearances on too many brochures, at bridal shows, websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and the like.

So, when you’re casting a bride to brand your company, have an original thought. Stay away from this bride. She’s probably had as many page views as Kim Kardashian.

Heck… she’s probably has never been married… not even for 72 days.

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Andy Ebon
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Why Facebook Is Driving Wedding Businesses Nuts

Why FacebookWhy Facebook – In a few days, I’ll be speaking at NAWP in Naples, Florida. I’ll be presenting the keynote address and giving a breakout seminar: Facebook: Up To The Moment. I have resorted to this title for my Facebook seminar(s) because it is changing, by the day.

Since the release of Google+, the heat is on Facebook on several fronts. In fact, I gave a Facebook seminar last Friday (with a Google+ primer, included) and found myself saying this:

“Your question about that feature is perfectly logical. Thought it doesn’t exist now, I have no doubt that will change.”

With Google+ now available to anyone AND Facebook making significant changes in its news feed and other features, it seems I got that right!

So, I am back-to-the-drawing-board to include the latest updates, to make certain that my seminar is, indeed, Facebook: Up To The Moment. 🙂

The rapid changes are driving wedding industry business out of their minds. Not, mind you, because most of the changes are not positive, but because it simply hard to keep up.

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Andy Ebon
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Get Married Magazine leaps the pack with technology breakthrough

GM-triple-logoA technology breakthrough? In a magazine?

Yes, that would be correct! Read on, about the dramatic new feature that will be part of Get Married Magazine, beginning with its Premier Issue (October 2009). An addition that will intrigue and inform brides. And benefit advertisers with a new and different connection to online content, directly from Get Married Magazine.


With the click of a smart phone camera on the pages of Get Married magazine, busy brides connect instantly to videos, websites, photos and information – while on the go

ATLANTA, August 4, 2009 – Get Married Media, an integrated tri-media wedding planning resource with national platforms online, on television and in print, announces today that Get Married magazine is the first bridal publication to ever use the new Microsoft Tag technology, giving readers instant entertainment and connection to videos, website, photos and information on a mobile phone.

The Get Married Microsoft Tage
The Get Married Microsoft Tage

Throughout Get Married magazine, select editorial and advertisements will have a Microsoft Tag printed directly onto the pages.  After a quick download of the free application to an internet-enabled camera phone, busy and on-the-go brides just aim and snap any Tag within Get Married magazine, immediately turning the still Tag into rich, interactive content on their phone.

As part of its fresh approach to planning weddings, Get Married is using multi-media in an innovative way as never seen before – integrating its expertise in TV and production, along with its internet proficiency, with a print medium – Get Married magazine.

Microsoft Tags, the sophisticated technology powered by High Capacity Color Barcodes (HCCBs), will enhance the Get Married magazine readers’ interactive experience.  The technology allows the users to interact with the content in the magazine in new ways using their mobile device, making it more informative, immersive and fun.  “Tagged” editorial and advertisements will turn traditional magazine reading into ground-breaking, rich, multi-media experiences within the wedding and bridal industry.

Get Married magazine’s promise to reinterpret the rules starts with the publication itself, and integrating Microsoft Tag changes the way brides read a magazine, gather inspirations and connect with advertisers,” said Stacie Francombe, founder and president of Get Married Media.  “We are bringing our expertise in video and online to the magazine pages, moving beyond the traditional ways of delivering a bridal publication — from the newest interactive technology and latest trends in bridal shopping and style to a colorful, fresh voice in the wedding genre.”

With the small, colorful Microsoft Tags, Get Married magazine offers brides – who are busy working, planning and playing – quick, easy and convenient connectivity to information when and where they want it – with no typing, fumbling with URLs, texting short-codes or launching browsers.  Brides can learn more about a product, save Tags for later viewing, and make a purchase – directly from their phones.  With Tag, Get Married makes the process of planning a wedding more convenient and even more fun.

Get Married is taking user interaction to the next level with Tag.  They have brides who are really engaged, incredibly focused on planning and shopping for their weddings, and Tag allows them to stay in the moment,” said Aaron Getz, business leader for Microsoft Tag. “Advertisers in Get Married magazine can deepen the relation with the brides making their ads immediately actionable and more entertaining. Besides they can track the actions brides are taking and inform their marketing strategy.”

Get Married is working closely with advertisers to incorporate Microsoft Tag in their print ads and to track and monitor the success of the campaigns.  The Tags enable advertisers to further connect brides and consumers with their brand, while influencing purchase decisions and enhancing brand loyalty.  For its first issue launching October 2009, Get Married magazine is offering free Tags to advertisers on full- and half-page ads.  In addition, advertisers can provide the video or Get Married will produce with existing advertiser footage and content.

For more about Get Married magazine’s Microsoft Tag, please visit for a step-by-step, including free application download, list of Tag-friendly phones, as well as actual Tag to test on your mobile phone.

Andy Ebon
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