WeddingWire World DC: Next Stop

WeddingWire World Speakers
WeddingWire World Speakers

WeddingWire World DC used to be a 1-day, 1-location educational conference in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, WeddingWire World has expanded to five cities. On Monday, June 16th, WeddingWire World returns to DC, near its corporate headquarters.

It’s about the approach

WeddingWire World has its own flavor, style, approach and takeaways.  It is efficient, paced quickly, and peppered with three types of presenters:

  • In-House WeddingWire Experts
  • National Wedding Industry Education Experts
  • Regional Industry Experts

The sessions are 30, 45, and 60 minutes, with short-short 5 minute breaks. The last two sessions of the day are breakouts. The rest are general sessions.

Speakers make themselves for questions during breakfast, lunch, and the day-end cocktail party.

There are WeddingWire Customer Satisfaction Experts available throughout the day to assist current and prospective advertisers with answers to their questions. Invariably, most questions centered around maximizing a business listing or better understanding and utilizing back-end tools to communicate more effectively with clients and manage one’s business.

Prepare Yourself

WeddingWireIt’s a full day, 8am – 6pm, so get some rest and clear your brain.

If you take away just a couple of gems from each session, you’ll be supercharged.

You can look for the heavy sell, but you won’t find it on the WeddingWire stage. All presenters are there to information, explain, and education…. PERIOD!

… refreshing!

You don’t have to live in Greater Washington DC to attend. Anywhere in a few hours driving radius the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center should consider a Sunday drive and a productive Monday. Oh, there are no rules against flying in from further away.

Hope to see you there…

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert



Andy Ebon
Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog

WeddingWire Education Team adds Andy Ebon

WeddingWire EducationWedding Marketing Expert, Andy Ebon, will be joining the WeddingWire Education Team as an Education Expert. His official start date is June 1st, kicking off with the WeddingWire World Conference in Miami, June 3rd,  closely followed by the WeddingWire WorldConference in Washington DC, June 16th. These full day events the first two in a 5-day schedule for calendar year 2014.

WeddingWire Education

For the Miami gathering, Andy will be joining such wedding industry luminaries as: Sonny Ganguly (Wedding Wire), Alan Berg (Wedding Industry Leadership Conference), Silvia Camps (Brand Development Group), Kathryn Hamm (, Kyle Mihalcoe (WeddingWire), Brendan McLellan (WeddingWire), Bill Cronin (WeddingWire).

During the course of his work with WeddingWire, Andy will be speaking at national, regional, and local conferences and meetings, as well as giving periodic webinars, and contributing to its B2B blog.

“I am incredibly excited being part of the WeddingWire Education Team as an adjunct to work in my companies, Wedding University®, The Wedding Marketing Blog, and the Wedding Marketing Network. Great thanks to Sonny Ganguly for bringing me into the fold.”

Noreen Azuzu
Feature Writer
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Social Media: Weapons of Self-Destruction

Social Media
Social Media – Weapons of Self-Destruction

Social Media can be defined and characterized in many ways, including a plethora of permutations. Taken in its entirety, there is positive value, negative value, and no value. Simply ‘killing time’ and other uses may fall into more than one category.

Part 1: This essay has not been fully mapped out, but it will be an extended discussion, in multiple parts.

I have my own quotation, which I first used, in reference to unnecessary gadgets on websites.

“Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.”

Andy Ebon

Years later, the quotation has become a more universal reference in my lexicon, both high-tech and low-tech. Social media appears to be at center stage in my repetition of the quotation.

Despite my fascination with technology, I am not an early-adopter. I don’t have the latest smart phone or laptop. On the flip side,  I’m certainly no technophobe. I’m far more interested in the communication of content; the messages transmitted, posted, emailed, texted, etc.,.. how they are perceived, understood… and the results (immediate > viral).

Social Media Dynamics

TRUTH: Nothing you post, email, text, update, etc., is private. Post it, and delete it within seconds; you are too late. There is a term for that: DIGITAL PERMANENCE.

TRUTH: The written word has no tone. There may be intended tone… humor, sarcasm, joking, political correctness, or seriousness are just a few. Which takes us to the next point…

TRUTH: No matter how clear you believe your message is, it will be understood by a person or persons. Even if it is understood, as intended, some people will agree, disagree, or just find the message uninteresting.

Yo! Facebook is not a Diary

LURKING: That’s the term for people who read your messages, but don’t necessarily answer or comment.

TRUTH: You  have no idea how many people are lurking on Facebook (for example).

EXCEPTIONS ARE: Those who click the LIKE button, post a comment, or answer you privately. The LIKE button is, at best, an imperfect expression of sentiment.

Today’s Observation

Those of us who use social media for business, often voice thoughts and opinions about business experiences. In a moment of anger, for good reason or bad, it is tempting to condescend, deride, or put down a prospect or client (I plead guilty to having done this and I know it’s not an exclusive club).

Our pointed comment may cause discussion, generate judgments about our comment and us. Though it’s the lurkers who may be most important. They may simply question our ethics,  judgment, self-importance, or a variety of other factors. 

You cannot measure how often they will repeat or share a spontaneous comment, attributed to you or me. Some who read it, won’t think anything of it. Others who know you, may think, “No big deal, that’s just Joe being Joe.”

And others may read your words and decide: “I was considering doing business with him/her. After reading such an inappropriate comment, I wouldn’t do business with them… period.”

People will judge you… thumbs up or thumbs down. The people who give you thumbs up, will tell you… even publicly. Of the ones who give you thumbs down, a few will post publicly, most won’t tell you; they’ll just go away. And if asked about you, are unlikely to give you a raving endorsement.

REPEAT AFTER ME: The written word has no tone. So your remarks may be interpreted in many ways; not necessarily as you intended.

OPINION: I am not the ultimate arbiter of Social Media Etiquette; however,  due to the nature of my business, I observe massive amounts of online behavior. Again, I am not immune from mistakes. None of us are flawless; however, fewer incidents of offending others, injuring our own reputations, or simply making noise with spammy comments would be a good thing.


Your comments, here… in agreement, disagreement, or presenting other thoughts (not expressed in this post) are both welcome and appreciated.

Do you know some who would benefit from this post? Please pass it on or share it on social media platforms that you use.

Andy Ebon - wedding marketing expert

Andy Ebon 
The Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Opportunity knocks… are you ready to fill in?

unknown caller

The phone rings… you don’t recognize the number…  you hesitate answering… is it a telemarketer?

What the heck, you answer. The voice at the other end of the line introduces themselves. They’ve been referred to you by a business peer. You can feel what’s coming next… it’s an emergency.

It’s a no-show, a last moment cancellation… due to illness, family emergency, travel nightmare… could be any reason. The question is: Can you step in and fill the void?

Sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you can, although depending on the lead time, it’s fraught with potential challenges.

The cynic in us says, “The customer probably made a bad choice and now they’re stuck.” – Maybe… other times it’s truly an uncontrollable situation… an automobile accident… or who-knows-what.

In these situations, money is usually not the issue. Only the foolish customer tries to negotiate when the roof has fallen in. Our instinct is to perform heroics and charge our normal fee. With credit card acceptance, it is now easy to confirm the event, on-the-fly.

The Big Question is:  

Are you ready to jump in and do a credible job?

When in desperate straits, most clients don’t expect the same synchronized service from you, as they would from a previously contracted company with months of roll-up time.

It’s for you to sense whether your company is a close enough fit to score at lease 8, on a 10-point scoring system.

Are you ready…. right now?

“Right now” might be the same day, a day or two ahead, or a bit more. Getting from zero to full speed.

Preparation means having every employee’s cell phone number. Same thing for every wedding professional and venue contact you work with on a regular basis. And, the cell number for every friendly-competitor. If you can’t solve the problem, maybe you can find them a solution while you put the customer on hold.

Preparation means having last week put away, this week prepared, and being ready for a surprise that might come your way. Sometimes the ‘surprise’ might be in-house. And you can be proud of your readiness. Other times you get the call from a competitor who needs an assist. And the toughest situation is from a client who has been left in the lurch for any reason.

The fee you earn is not the primary issue. It’s the by-product of your readiness, the mindset, and ability of you and your staff to always be in a position to save-the-day.

Another by-product is the goodwill that spreads, immediately, from your peers, working that event, and the client. Don’t feel the need to pat yourself on the back… you won’t have to, because people will take note, and share the news.

It’s a marketing windfall, a fee for service, and most of all, a grand feeling of satisfaction.

Are you ready to step in?

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority
The Wedding Marketing Blog